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Salt Works Jeans ??

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Hey my fellow Jeans addicts

I just found out about some high end jeans called Salt Works anyone heard of it. I went to marshalls today and found some Joes Jeans for 49 bucks, I also ran across these salt works jeans they were 49. If I knew they were regularly 120 and up I would have bought some. I don't really see anyone wearing these jeans, they will be there next time I go back. Check out the website they have a pic of jessica simpson wearing a pair. www.swjeans.com What is your opinion?
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They are nice jeans, dont own a pair, but have seen them in the store, very soft!
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To be honest, I think they passed their peak time. They were popular last year but interest faded quick. Now you'll find them on sale on lots of internet retail sites and they don't even go for that much on eBay.

With that said, I have a pair (Avenue A in Abstract wash) and I love them!
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Try a forum search- lots of posts about them.You can get them really cheap on ebay most of the time.
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They are on sale in many places. I've seen them at Ross... the weird thing is, I've seen two different "versions" of them. They have older ones, with fabric which is not as nice, and are made in Turkey, and they have newer ones, which are made from nicer fabric and say "Made in USA." I've seen many of the Turkey-made ones at Ross, but some of the others too. They never really appealed to me.... but if you like the fit, now is the time to buy!!! There's good deals to be had on them!!
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Personally, I don't like them, they fit wierd on me but the denim is soft on most pairs I've seen.
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I have a pair. I think I got them for about $25 on ebay. I have the Avenue A in a dark wash. I think they're okay. I've only wore mine once...
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I have a pair that I picked up at TJ Maxx for $12 last fall. I like them, but they fit funny IMO.
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i actually have been looking at salt works lately... you say you saw them at marshall's? i wonder if my (really shitty) marshall's has any. i saw joe's The Honey jeans there last week for $50, like you mentioned, but they didn't have my size! boo!

do any regular stores sell salt works? i haven't worn them before, so i don't know how they fit me. i'm always kinda sketchy about getting jeans off ebay when i'm unsure of the fit.
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I have a pair of Saltworks jeans that I adore. I bought them 6 years ago at Loehmans and have worn them out. I am trying to find another pair exactly like the ones I have but am having poor luck :(  Great jeans at a great price and the fit is amazing. They hit my waistline just right. Not too low, not too high.

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