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The main thing I would watch is how they fit. Not all parts will shrink the same, and I was lucky since my thighs are pretty big, so normally it's the waist that is just too big for me. You could probably shrink them two inches, but that might be a little extreme, and I am not sure how the fit would be for you after that. A more experienced shrinked might be of more help.
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Err, a more experienced shrinker. not shrinked.
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Ahh, I just bought a pair of 27's.

Anyone looking for a Super T in Rinse size 29?
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Haha, awesome!
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Has anyone tried soaking the whole jean (legs & waist) in boiling water? Does it work? I'm just curious!
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I used to hold the waist of my Miss Sixty's under scalding hot water then toss them in the dryer. It worked as a temporary fix but it stretches out again. The length shouldn't shrink much because the leg isn't wet.
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