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Ohh crap...

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I tried on Quaalude Wingers today...I didn't think I'd like them that much, but damn, they were amazing.

They looked like they were made for me. The $345 retail price is waaaay too much for me though
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I love titles like this! I share in your misery, I did the same thing!
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i agree they're beautiful, but sooo freakin expensive
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I ordered a pair from Nordie when they were on sale. If they ship the right jeans to me and they don't fit, I'll put them up here. They were like $195 total I think.
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Where did you try them on ac241??
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Originally Posted by *ShoppingLittlePrincess*
Where did you try them on ac241??
Five O Seven Clothing in Vaughan Mills. I also tried on Raw Costellos....I don't think they're the style for me. They had Kiedis in Raw, which I've never seen before. I feel bad trying on too many at once though...because there's no way I was gonna buy any of them lol.

They also had a pair of brown cord Scorpions in a size 29 on sale for $69.
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OMG !! I so cannot go there then cause I am dying for those wingers and on ebay they go for like $280 US !! Sh!t ...
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Those wingers are amazing. I saw some at Holt last week. Way too much $ for me. I missed out on a pair on ebay last week that went for $89
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i feel your pain! they look awesome on, but they are waaaay too expensive.
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