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Rock Republic Costello

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Hey guys, I recently purchased these:


They haven't arrived yet but they say the colour is "Raw"... and I was wondering if these were actually raw denims? I own a pair of Nudies and I have yet to wash them (41 days and counting!) but I was just wondering if I should treat these like my Nudies. Thanks
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I asked this question before....and apparently the answer's no.

It's more of a "raw look", like a rinse wash.
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I have the Raw Henleys and they are not raw, they are just dark with no fading
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alright, thanks guys!
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--- maybe a stupid question: But what is Raw Denim? or Nudie denim? what does that mean?
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Raw denim is untreated-unwashed-with no disstresing denim, Nudie is a brand that sells raw denim jeans
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I've seen these in person! They're really nice.
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