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PD&C at Marshall's?!?!?!! - Page 2

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Regarding the questions about how these designer items end up at TJ Maxx / Marshals / etc. It's pretty simple. The big stores like Nordstroms have to get rid of their excess inventory to make way for new inventory, so they just sell everything in the store out. It's best to look at Marshals / TJ Maxx as liquidators.

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To echo blm14, BE CAREFUL at TJMaxx, Filene's, Marshall's, etc. While they often sell lots of good authentic stuff from last season, they sometimes sell really FAKE shit, too.

I have seen ridiculously fake 7FAM and Diesels at all three of those stores. I don't know enough about Yanuk, Ernest Sewn, and PDC to tell whether the many pairs I've seen there are legit or fake.

So while you're digging, take the time to check for authenticity, too.
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[quote="Bebear"]Loehmanns sold fake SFAM jeans before, and they also have the Express Sevens. Have you checked if your sister's 7's are real SFAM?


yeah they look exactly like mine [just a different cut/style and i looked online], so of course we went back to do some investigating! ahha. but they didn't have them anymore.

i did see the express sevens too... they weren't anything special.

i saw a lot of pd&c, dolce, yanuk jeans--they look pretty much close to the real ones i've seen at nordstroms, etc, but like the other poster said, i wouldn't know if they're real or not unless they are being put next to each other. i don't want to spend 90 bucks on a pair of fake pd&c jeans: i'd rather spend the 170+ on real ones.

oh and i got a juicy t shirt for 15 bucks.
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mine has em plus e sewn. bought some for and sold on ebay for a profit!!
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I just bought 3 PD&C Tees that were retailed price at $42.00 from PD&C at Marshalls for $7.99.  I looked at the website for PD&C and they look exactly the same.

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A ton of brands are selling "affordable" collections at stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx ect., If they're from a full line store, they'll likely have that store's tag still on it.

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