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PD&C at Marshall's?!?!?!!

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What's going on??? I'm in dispute with a seller who claims her PDC's were bought at Marshall's. I think they're fakes, so I googled it, and there's people who are claiming they have bought PDC there.
I tried calling Wendy Ray, the Northeastern Sales Manager at the PDC HQ in New York today to ask her about it, but she never returned my voicemail.

Does anyone know anything about this? Saks, sure, Barney's, yes...but Marshall's???
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It IS possible to find designer jeans at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc...usually they are damaged, but yes, they aren't directly sold to Marshalls etc (obviously) somehow they can end up there though

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oh my goodness. I'm going.

I still think the seller is lying, though.

thanks, again!
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Well it's not like they have racks of them... you have to dig dig dig through the jeans aisles a few times. It also depends on when they get their deliveries and everything like that too...

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i got a pair from there and they are definitely real.
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I got my PD&C Leo from Ross for $50.
I know, I couldn't believe it
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I have seen PDC jeans at TJ MAxx, ROSS, and Marshalls. I think the lowest Ive seen was $8 a pair in the clearance section. I've also found Sevens. However right now I have seen a ton of fake Sevens and fake AF junk at my Ross, so be very careful. In the past we never had to worry about fake Sevens.
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eh i wouldnt buy pd&c from marshalls. ive seen em before at either tj maxx or marshalls and they looked godawful. i know you may be thinking well how bad can a pair of pd&c actually look? well it must have been from like the first batch they ever produced and it was probly a 'second' as well. it looked crappy to me but if you see your size (which might be impossible to find if it's a popular one) and you like the style, go ahead and buy. altho id have to say there's a 10% chance both of those conditions will be met. from what i've seen at least.
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i was able to get a good pair because i have a friend that works there and she told me the day they got them. i was able to get a pair of gto-01s which are great. but i would agree most of the others were pretty ugly.
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I saw a pile of WICKED nice earnest sewns at filene's basement for $70 yesterday, but I've also seen extremely fake diesels there...
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Last August I went to Marshalls and they had a ton of Blue Cult, Seven pants (not jeans though) and PD&C...most ugly but a few styles were nice. Also had yanuk.
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if you pick the right marshalls or tjmaxx, you will find them. I saw a pair of authentic seven jeans there. they sell all kinds of designer stuff there, you just have to look. at the marshall's in houston by the galleria, they have blue cult, pd&c, 7fam, and I saw an actual pair of d&c jeans there. you have to look really hard, though.
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Last year, my wife bought a great pair of PD&C jeans at tj maxx for $40 and they are a great wash. I've seen other designer jeans there like PD&C, Diesel and Seven, but not in very exciting washes, so it must have been some kind of fluke
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i've gotten sevens, pd&c, yanuks, blue cults and earl jeans at marshalls and tjmaxx! I also found a tton of marc jacobs stuff there too! If you live near a good one, its a great find.....i almost didnt want to move because they were such good finds, but unfortuantely I dont live in that area anymore, and am living in portland maine where not many people have any fashion sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah marshalls is good if ur really in the mood to dig. i have bought a nice seven skirt there, but i rareyly have time to dig and dig. for the new yorkers on this forum, century 21 and loehmanns are like meccas for nice designer things for good prices.
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there's something i don't trust about 'discount' designer clothing.
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I was at Rugged Wearhouse today and they have racks or PD&C and Juicy. They all look totally authentic to me. Just older colors/last seasons shit. I got lots of Juicy...no PD&C bc I dont really like them but they are known to carry that brand often... along with Miss Sixty, etc.

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I actually won 2 pairs of PD&C on Ebay, and they're in the new ripper wash, for just $65 total including shipping. I don't think we need to dig through the racks to get good deals on PD&C now. How much are they from those discount stores? They're only about $50 on Ebay.
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At RW I think they were $25...Ill check if I go back and tell you what styles/sizes there are ---lots of them though!
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hahaha, no kidding!! $25 for PD&C? Are they of the boring wash mostly? I actually am not a big fan of PD&C because they don't have interesting wash, but this New Ripper is a fun wash they have out of the hundreds, so I figured I'd add them to my collection. Afterall, all my jeans are pretty plain so far. hehe
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Nordstrom Rack has piles of Diesels and Sevens...
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Originally Posted by eitan
Nordstrom Rack has piles of Diesels and Sevens...
Mine never has anything! But I just got a pair of pink A's on ebay that came from there... I'm going on Tuesday bc thats when the "new arrivals" come in!
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my question is... how can companys afford to sell sevens/other designer jeans for so much less?

i got my first pair of sevens at bloomingdales for 140. my sister gets her sevens from loehmanns [nyc] for 40!

is it technically legal for them to be selling it? same with say... ross, tj maxx, rugged wearhouse [there's a rugged wearhouse near me and most of their clothing is torn, stained, etc etc].?
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Loehmanns sold fake SFAM jeans before, and they also have the Express Sevens. Have you checked if your sister's 7's are real SFAM?

But regarding the discount designer jeans, most of them that are found in N.Rack/ TJ Maxx, etc, are either used/hemmed customer returns, slightly defective or factory-marked damaged.
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there's a place near me called Stein Mart and they basically sell no-name crap like Marshalls but its a bit more upscale. during the grand opening they had an entire rack of men's Seven A-Pockets for $50. i was going to buy a pair but decided not to.. i went back last wekk and they were completely sold out. i wonder if they will be getting more in.. i'll be keeping an eye on the store though for more designer closeouts.
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