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how to spot a true religion fake

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any experienced knock-off specialists in here that can make up a list of things to look for with fake true religion's, so the rest of us morons know what the hell we're doing.

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These are pictures of authentic TR Bobby Dark Handsand, except the last one:

fake zipper

If others could post their authentic TR's with pics perhaps we'd be able to compare.
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On my fake pair of TR the buddha on the pockets faded after a washing, but on the real they are very clear. Does anyone have any destroyed jeans to compare the buddha?
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any more infos?
Perhaps i'll get a pair of dark joeys this week
if so, i'll post pics!
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i know this reply is like...a few months late, but i was wondering about pointers to spot fake tr. i'm not a huge expert or anything (as of now, i only have one pair of med miner joeys) but i decided just a few min ago that ill do some of my own research. found some pics at an overstock.com auction. ill compare those wtih the ones justchar provided.

im just guessing on this one, but im not sure if the back of the jeans should stick out like that (where the jeans separate from the manequin). this is only a guess though. when i wear my tr, they never do that, but maybe that happens 'cause that's a manequin? not sure. any opinions here?

this one's more obvious. the stitching is sloppily done. this is especially noticable where it says "section joey row seat". justchar's pic has clean lines, and easily legible. the fake looks like a 10 year old sewed it (and the sad thing is, a ten your probably did =(

the inner tag you'll notice that the horseshoe is wider and a bit shorter than it is supposed to be. also, the ends taper too much on the fake. the font for "brand jeans" is slightly off. on the real jeans, the j is longer than the other letters. if you were to draw a straight line right under 'brand jeans', the j would pass that line. on the fakes, everything is level.

i think the rn on the fake is pretty decent except that the letters look fatter. if anybody else notices something feel free to add.

compared to the real tag, the fake's lettering is a bit wider and are more spaced out. the jeans i own (sorry i dont have a digital camera) looks different from both. it reads "10-503" on the first line and "CUT# 801" on the 2nd line. the font is more like the ones on the fake.

the lines on monk (is he a monk?) on the fake jeans are finer on the real tr. the fakes look like the monk was just stamped on with a rubber stamp made from a bad copy of the original.
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Thanks for all the great tips and pix.

I looked at my TRs and now I can tell one is real and the other is fake. The fake is pretty darn good though... The fabric, stitching, rivets are all good and the jeans feel and look very nice on. The only things that gave them away as fakes are the monk on the inside pockets --the face looks like an alien and it's very pale-- and the short "J" on the inside tag.

Oh well, live and learn...

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