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Anyone have one of those Memory Foam Mattress Pads?

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Thinking of getting one of those memory foam mattress pads because my bed just doesn't feel comfy anymore. I know it's mainly b/c I'm verrry pregnant. I've seen them in sizes from 1" up to 4" and with density ratings of 3-5. I'm not really sure how comfy they are and just wanted to see if it was worth the 100 bucks or more.

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yes they're amazing.

my bed has a 1.5" and my boyfriend's has a 3", and mine is far more comfortable.

contrary to popular belief, thicker isn't more comfortable. you sink into it and it's a lot of work to move or get out of your bed.

get a 1 - 2" pad, preferably with raised bumps. it's perfect, compared to a thicker, uniform-thickness one.
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check out JCPenney's in McCain Mall, they have them on sale from time to time...
I've been thinking about getting one for awhile
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I have a queen sized one. I dont know how thick it is (its the whole mattress). I dont like it because when me and my my gf are on it, and we are sort of in close proximity, the foam sinks in...and we both - how do you describe this ....... it's like we both sink into this big hole in the middle of the bed and we kinda get squished together and puts unnecessary pressure bewteen the 2 of us. Does that make any sense? I dont know if this is due to the thickness or the brand of the mattress (we dont have TP or Dormia or other name brands). I'm moving to Lake Tahoe in 2 weeks and I am not buying a memory foam again....or maybe we'll visit and try a Tempeur Pedic or Dormia to see if they are really different.
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i know exactly what you're talking about; i hate it on the boyfriend's bed.

the problem is it's likely too thick.
you don't get that awful feeling when it's a 1-1.5" one.

his is a 3", and i always find myself rolling into him.

don't worry about buying a higher quality memory foam - they're all essentially the same material.

i got mine at Sears, and i'm very, very glad i got a 1.5".
it's soft and conforming without sacrificing the support of my mattress (... and the space from my boyfriend.)
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i haven't tried the memory foam pads but i have a tempur pedic bed and i LOVE it. totally worth every penny!
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When Im sleeping by myself, I love it. Its only when Im on it with my gf that I hate the feeling.

This just doesnt right.
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GET ONE!!! I am related to one of the NASA testers who got some of it back in the 80's. You could throw that 3" thing on a wood floor and it was the most comfortable thing in the world!!! We used it until about 15-20 years later it dried out.

They are amazing, and they will really be great when youre not sleeping full nights after having the baby!
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my dad has a tempurpedic bed. i am still up in the air about it. it doesn't seem all that much better than a nice normal bed. you kinda "sink into it"


i frickin LOVE my tempurpedic pillow. i carry it everywhere i go. i sleep on it every night.

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Thanks everyone for your replies... I will definitely get one that's 1"-2" thick. Most reviews I've read are postive about it...but I'm glad I posted on here because I would've gotten the 3" or 4" and my hubby and I would be squished in the middle of the bed.

I haven't tried one of those pillows but I bet they are comfy too.
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Re: char,

Originally Posted by caseyt
check out JCPenney's in McCain Mall, they have them on sale from time to time...
I've been thinking about getting one for awhile
Thanks, I'll check it out. I've been looking online at Walmart, Target, Sears, etc...for the best deals. I actually found some good deals on overstock.com, but I've never bought anything from there.
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I actually bought mine on ebay- there are several sellers there. Paid $100 to have it shipped to NY from CA. They deliver it to your doorstep.
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On overstock.com, these memory foam toppers are selling for pretty cheap.

1" for $49.99
2" for $69.99
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i'm definitely going to buy one...a 2" memory foam that had 4lb density. Now, since i'm saving so much money I want some new sheets, but can't decide whether to just get like 400 count or something higher
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I have a 3 inch and my hubby and I don't at all sink to the middle! I got mine on overstock.com
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Costco.com has the down covered memory foam toppers...I have that along with the down covered memory foam pillows...and 1000 count sheets from overstock...I never want to get out of bed. Ever.
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The Obus Forme one is amazing. Mine is 2" thick and is perfect. I had a generic brand one and it was not as good as the Obus Forme. Makes it VERY hard to get up in the morning!
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hmm anyone feeling sleepy now?
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hey dave where did u get the pillow? i have been looking for a good pillow
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I need a new mattress and I don't want to spend a lot of money. Do you need an additional mattress with these or just the box spring?
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My dad just bought one and he loves it!!! I tried it for a few minutes and it was so comfy! Heckuva lot cheaper than buying a new mattress. They found one for 60 bucks!! It was at a thrift store (Unused) . It was a donated item from a company. I was actually there when they bought it. They had several more but nothing to fit my bed
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I got this memory foam topper a couple of weeks ago from Zen Bedrooms and it's kind of changed my life. I've always suffered from insomnia but the last week or so I've had some great quality sleep. Hopefully it'll stay that way - I'd definitely recommend this selection

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