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Diesel Sale?

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I received an email from diesel saying they're having a sale that starts at 30% off on the spring/summer 06 line starting on the 15th. I was wondering if anyone has been to their local store since then to check it out? When diesel does sales is it usually the whole line it's self or just particular styles?
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particular styles

some of the things on sale are

Zathan 70Z, 70C
Shazor (dont know which wash)
Lemmen 784
Farco 85W, 70I
Kajo (dont know wash)

there are others but i misplaced the list somewhere

i thought there was a thread on this sale earlier, but it may have been before the switch to Vbulletin
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Anybody know which women's styles are on sale?
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Originally Posted by blackcandy3
particular styles

some of the things on sale are

Zathan 70Z, 70C
Wait a minute....the Zathan 70Z was on sale too?!?!?! DAMMIT! Gotta get back to that diesel store!!!
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anyone check out the sale at the Chicago Diesel store? I went recently and did not see anything on sale at all.

Did see jeans from next season, though. They were all blah. Can't see anything special with the Slammer.
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joe-well, when i was on the phone with someone from Diesel Lex he said 70Z, but he very well may have mistakenly said that instead of 70C, he told me lemmen 764 were on sale

the SS06 lineup is chock full of slimmer/straight/tapered goodies, im excited about having new cuts to try out
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flipnotic - at the South Coast Store they didn't have the denim out in the sale section, all the sale denim was still mixed in with the regular denim, so ask one of the sales associates there.

yeah, 70C and 70Z do sound the same
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i talked to a SA at the south coast store tonight and he said the zathan 70Z is NOT on sale
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I tried on the slammers, its a little to tapered for my taste. I got some Vikers, I think they are very similar to Farcos.
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