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Are some diesel jeans made in Morocco?

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I just recieved a shipment of jeans from Blufly of all places and ended up with 3 pairs of shoddy jeans that do not have the indian head tags. They have the diesel tags on the back inside waist line and one of them says "Made in Morocco". They really look like fakes from a company that claims all of their items are real! I also recieved two other pairs that had the indian head tags with the numbers and microstitching but they look really bad and are very thin. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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Bluefly sells authentic products. Diesels non-denim collection jeans, don't come with the indian head tags but instead with a black Diesel size tag. Blm has bought some real jeans and cords I believe from Morroco. I wouldn't worry about it, but post some pictures.
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ya i have some Diesel stuff from Morrocco and a bunch of other people too. most bought from the D store, some bought from random places.
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Yeah photos would help. In general, like KKS said, diesel does make denim jeans which are not a part of the 'denim collection' and a LOT if not ALL of those items are made in one of the following countries: Hong Kong, Morocco, Romania, India. Its possible that the jeans you got ended up on bluefly because of the problems you indicated (eg: shoddy material). I dont know if you've ever checked out versace clothing but to my eye, that is the most ill-made, physically weak clothing I've ever seen. So its not even just diesel.
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Actually i heard awhile ago that diesel sent some of it's denim machinary to hungary or moracco for retooling and instead of sending it back to italy when they were done, it was cheaper to open up a warehouse in that country and start making denim. Something like 5 percent of jeans at the time were gona be made there. Not sure if this actually went through but i heard if from a reliable source.
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I am not to keen on computers and am ashamed to say I don't know how to post any pictures. I anyone could let me know how I would appreciate it.
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I actually have the same question, I hope you can help me. Are these jeans authentic? Thanks!
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yes, there are some made in marocco or tunisia...
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Made in Morocco: Thanaz 8FC, Thicar 8KM ...

some of the softest and most lightweight jeans from Diesel are Made in Morocco.

Thanaz 89W are made in Tunisia
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yes, there are a number of diesel jeans made in morocco/tunisia - often use different unusual washing techniques in these locations too which you will not find from the italian lines.

As for posting pics, you need to open a photobucket account, upload the pictures, then copy the direct link next to the pic you want to post and paste it into the box that opens when you click on the yellow square with a mountain on it above the reply box
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Some are.

Generally non denim collection is made in Morocco, and some very few jeans from the Denim collection are as well.
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I'm trying this again with photobucket....can anyone tell me if these jeans are authentic? Thanks.

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Also, you can go to ImageShack® - Image Hosting, enter your pics as 640-480, and copy and paste the hotlink here for us to see the pics

We still cant see anything...
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Its hard to tell but for such an old pair to still have tags, its kinda strange...
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They actually feel more new, they just kind of look that way. I haven't seen a pair like this aside from these, so it was a little curious....
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I'm leaning towards fake, but would need some more info before I could be sure. I worked at a boutique that sold Diesel back when the whole "no back pocket" thing was bag and I never saw a pair like that.

Also even my old Diesel Sparkers have a white indian head tag with microstitching
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those are old fashion jeans. Could be fake but I'm not familiar enough with the model to say so for certain
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I think they are authentic,wanted to buy exactly the same pair about 8-10 years ago,so they are really old...
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I have recently bought a pair of Diesel jeans from a website called Brandalley and the tag inside says that they are made in Morocco.






As you can see there are things on the jeans that would make you think they're real, for example the silver stitching has got the word diesel on it and they look real enough, but also there are things that make you think that they are fake, 1, they say that they are made in Morocco. 2, they don't have the three Italian colour strips at the back.

Wonder if anyone could help

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Those look authentic to me.  You won't see the Italian colors unless the jeans were made in Italy; these were not.

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and 2nd pics do not print made in moro on indian tag. 

itay,tune has print on indian tag, but moro do not.



post aucentic check thead plz.



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It's authentic.

Diesel Jeans are not only made in Italy.

Also made in Tunisia Morocco and Rumania.

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