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Anyone alter a pair of jeans?

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I had a pair of Monacos listed in the HM, because I have 2 pairs of them (different sizes). So I decided to make one of them capris. Well I was debating over capris & the pants that come above your knees (don't know what they're called), and I decided capri length (I took off about 6 inches). I want to do it again, but I don't because it wasn't exactly fun/easy. Plus I don't really wear capris. I kept the original hem, but I had to cut it to make it smaller, because the jeans are rigid and wouldn't stretch out an additional 2 inches to accomodate (sp?) the flare. Anyway they lok nice, and you can't see the place where I cut the hems.
Has anyone else made their jeans into capris and left the original hem? If so have you done it yourself?
Someone stop me!!! I want to do it to another pair. (insert smiley face here)
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Yes, I've cropped jeans into capris before, but I had the tailor do it. My inseam is incredibly short and she was unable to keep the original hem, but she did a fantastic job re-creating it herself with distressing and all. I didn't notice the difference, until she pulled out the scraps and showed me the originals. Turning jeans into capris is as addicting as getting tattoos; I've had my tailor chop of four pairs so far, and now I'm having her put tummy panels in some of my older ones too.
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If you don't mind me asking, what is your inseam? Mine's 28, crops are now 20
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Mine's 28.5" and crops are usually 19.5" sometimes 20". If they're slimmer fitting, then I usually go just a tad shorter, so they don't hug the biggest part of my calves.
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