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POLO Custom Fit Sizing?

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Hey guys, I wear a medium in class Polo and it is a bit roomie and the length is fine. Should I stick with a medium in custom fit if I want the shirt to be more snug or do you reccomend I size up to a Large. I want the polo to be snug, but not too short or anything.

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I don't know personally, but my brother found they ran large.
Wish I could be of more help.

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custom fit is def smaller, your probably going to need to size up, but classic small is perf for me, so I've never tried custom fit on . . .
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stick with the medium. custom fit has a higher arm hole and more contoured fit along the sides of your body. My only gripe is the longer tail that is kind of annoying when compared to the front. I tuck em in for work though so its not a biggie.

point: stick with your size (imo)
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i'm stuck between sizes too...I have some regular shirts in large that fit good and seem too big that i havent worn in awhile. should i just stick with large since they are smaller?
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not sure how the customs are but also I wear a medium normally in lacoste...any help would be appreciated, trying to pick some up before all the good colors go out of stock
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I normally wear a M regular RL polo, and I wear a L in RL Custom fit. I find the sleeves are a lot shorter on the custom, and I don't like feeling like I'm wearing a muscle shirt. Regular fit and custom fit both feel like they are the same length, but I still size up because of the big difference in sleeve length. It is nice to not have all that extra material when tucked in - I'm definitely a fan of the custom fit!
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the small classic fits are like larges on me
i probably couldnt fit in a small on these

i usually wear like xs or Small's with modern or vintage fits
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I know this is an old post but got my 1st custom fit today in Medium and it is definitely correct to size up.

I am a Medium in classic and now have to send back my mediums in Custom for Large.

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always wear custom fit- much more snug and you look more stylish

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check out vastrm for made to measure polos. 

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