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There is not 1 person on ebay or any non authorized site that can buy from true religion distributors, I am in the process of trying to buy true religion jeans for my boutique and I cannot even get authorization to purchase their jeans, they are not open for any new retailers at this time. I had to fill out an application and wait…. And pray. And I own a legit boutique. Who is authorized to sell Sevens?

So when are buying on ebay none of the jeans are real even the ones that look real. Unless they are bought from an already authorized retailer on sale or clearance. The True Religion jeans start at $78.00 for the basic style true religions for retailers to buy from the distributors. So you guys might as well stop shopping on ebay unless you see a store tag with the store name attached to the jeans. For you guys are not experts. And you are wrong on a lot that you are even calling real, and wrong on fakes. There are really good fakes that you guys cannot tell, like a lot of the sellers you tell people to buy from; they have the really good fakes…. Legit retailers are not permitted to sell on ebay.

I used to be a manager at a high-end department store and got allot of returns from people saying the jeans are fake. Which were not, they were factory seconds and damaged jeans, and jeans the employees put the wrong hang tags on. You really need to tell people to go to the store where the jeans are from and ask for a manager to verify authencity. Your site is going to be shut down some day if you keep telling people that jeans with a legit store tag are fake. Some hang tags get put on the wrong pair of jeans by employees, it happens, but in no means does it mean that the jeans are fakes. High end dept stores and boutiques do not need to sell fakes, they are authorized to buy real, and items mostly cannot be returned that are fake, i have caught allot of people trying to return fakes. they are marked on price tag with the serial number or cut number on the jeans size tag, and in the register by codes. So very few if any can slip by. And a store manager knows the jeans, so if you want this site to stay. Tell people that they need to check with a store manager on authencity from where the stores are bought, and I am not referring to ebay.
You do not really want legit stores complaining.

Just a little info for you from a real boutique owner.