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my lavender crowns

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petit puts me to shame.... but i love these anyway!

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You loook soooooo hot in these beauties!!!! gorgous!
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i think they were worth what you paid
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i absolutely LOVE those, they're AWESOME
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OMG more! So jealous.
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Those are gorgeous!
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They look great on you! i love those. i love any shade of purple. i think i need those
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aww thanks guys.. you're all so kind!

I would have gone for the turquoise crowns... but they only had them in stockholm style... and I'm too short for straight legs
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You look awesome! I love the color of the crowns so much
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You're pretty _and_ you've got good taste. Killer!
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Awww... They're super cute. I NEED crowns.
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All of your new R&R look so cute on you! It makes me want to buy more! You must be thrilled about them
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Those are really cute! Congrats! I want some like that without crystals.
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Those look really good on you!!!
I saw a pair of light blue crowns in my city on a girl and I was so shocked..not sure if they were real but I was surprised b/c I live in a small town! I actually saw a pair of rainbow roths too a few days before that
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Those look awesome!! You make me want a pair now too Beautiful..
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They look great! Love the shoes too
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very cute!
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they look so good! and i love the lavender crowns - very pretty ^_^
i wish my bum would look as nice as yours in crowns! haha
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Those are cute! I like lavender.
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You look amazing in all of them! I'm so jealous. I need more money to spend on jeans!
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If you ever want to sell, I'll starve myself for a few months just to fit into them just something to keep in mind haha
BTW they look gorgeous on you, you wealthy girl!
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I just LOOOOOVE those jeans on you hot_choc!! Are they are small fit?? I'm seriously considering getting a pair but I'm so confused, thought I'd be a 28, then bought my crystal rs in a 27 and you saw my thread with them on me!! Argh!! too big!...and by the way the shrinking didnt really work either...so lavender crowns 4 me, what size??!! any ideas?? please
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I think it depends on wash and cut.
My lavenders are madrid cut.. other ppl have said they run big enough to size down, but they fit me fine. Maybe because these are a newer line? I find they run quite tts. But I know this wash (vapor) stretch out loads after wear.. but I think if you get your correct size then and pop them in the dryer every now and then they'll shrink back

The R's did look big on you... I think madrid's are similar to roth cut? I don't know someone correct me. So mayb you are actually a size 26... and not 27/28! In general I find RR jeans run bigger.

if you're gettin londons.. those run smaller. I have a pair of 25 fuschias and they fit me ok.. with abit of hot dryer work that is.
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