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^FYI, there are 12 different body types, so a particular girl may need to be more specific than that. Actually, true Hourglasses (like the founder of one of our rival forums, AF) are extremely short-torsoed, so much so that they are usually self-conscious about it. Who else do you know who's 5'1 and needs 32" for flats? Your longer-waisted "hourglass" friends are probably Vases, who generally look pretty balanced except that when they gain weight quickly, it goes to their arms and belly. You're right, though, in that true pears have very short legs. (You're probably doing what everyone else does and grouping Pears with another type, called the Skittle or Bowling Pin--almost the same, but with slightly more shoulders and no butt. Think 90% of your Asian friends) I'm 5'6 with a 30.5" flats inseam, and if I did the same thing that so many stupid sellers do--say "i'm 5'6 and these jeans fit me perfectly with flats!"--I'd get kicked off Ebay for having so many Not As Described claims! At my height, I should really have around a 32" flats inseam. Skittles and Pears get screwed the most on leg length out of all 12 types, though! (Check out my Wiki on body types, accessible from the top of the forum page, if you're interested in seeing descriptions of the rest of them!)

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ooh I like this topic. I think the average inseam of most mall brands used to be around 32-33" I used to have the WORST time finding pants that fit me, until I discovered designer denim! I typically wear a 34-35" and I'm 5'11" I wear flats most of the time and usually they're the perfect length on me.

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^That doesn't surprise me at all--at 5'11 a 34 inseam is not even particularly long, and I'd say it's about average! (A good friend of mine here at school is a 5'11 "Cornet" who needs 35" for flats, and you wouldn't even look at her and say that she's short-waisted) Girls, if you're looking for styles that will flatter your body type (or, guys, if you need an idea of what styles your significant other will fit well into) check out the wiki: http://www.denimblog.com/c/a/the-12-womens-body-types-and-jeans-that-will-flatter-each

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I agree! I know a couple of people who have a 35-36" inseam at least with flats.

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Some of the viewpoints in this thread are proof that many of us are buying into the hype of consumerism. I realize the original topic is an opinions poll on average inseam, but some comments on here are utterly ridiculous. First off, men do not have shorter legs than women. The reasons they often wear shorter inseam jeans are 1) they need extra room to comfortably accomodate their packages, and 2) the fashion preferences for males is generally more loose and low.
One person commented on vertical body shape in relation to horizontal. She implied that basically every body type aside from the pear types has long legs, which is untrue. Hourglass figures typically have the "balanced" body type, which means your hipline (the joint between the pelvic girdle and the thigh) is around 50% of your total height. Apple types and v types tend to have shorter torsoes and yes, true pears often have longer torsoes. Rulers are the most variable. Of course, these are tendencies. Each body type has redeeming qualities. Keep in mind the fact that the pear and ruler are the most common types, so this whole 32" average is pretty off.
Either most of the women who posted on here are extremely leggy or like their jeans really long fortheir legs. I am of the hourglass/balanced type, am 5'7" and wear a 31"-32" pant with runners, depending on fit. My legs are of a medium length for my height and according to some studies they are longer than average. Many people have told me I am very "well proportioned". Yet because of doctored photos of models in the media (yes, they stretch out the legs and most wear 4"-5" heels to boot) I, along with many women, have grown paranoid, thinking we are freaks and should be a different way. In actuality, biologically speaking, women should have proportionately shorter legs than men because of the need for extra torso - ie room to carry babies and room for breasts. Along with the traditional hunter gatherer male needing more stride to hunt or avoid being hunted. Women, however, have higher waists than men on average. Once again, a need for more room for babies.
I think women tend to be duped by the media too easily. They make jeans a standard 32" to accomodate the tallest or leggiest of women that fit within the standard height range. They figure you can hem pants but you can't grow them.That's why they also have petite sizes and tall sizes. Of course the whole height stigma encourages petite women to wear heels and really tall women to limit themselves to flats. Hence the reason for abnormally long petite inseams and too-short inseams for the unusually tall.
Ok, I'm going on a tangent here. I majored in biology so I'm a bit of a nerd that way. But I see so much going on in the media that is damaging to our self esteem. My point is that we need to love ourselves for who we are. There is rarely a wrong for leg length. Long and short, along with the inbetweens like me, are all equally good. Men like varying leg lengths too.
So I can't really answer the OP's question because there's so much variation. But if you want to go by averages your answer would be 29"-30". Add heels and the numbers change. Seems like most women wear big heels now so who really knows.
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Oh, just looking at a more recent post about vertical and horizontal body types. In that body types chart you posted, there is no mention of hourglasses having abnormally short torsoes. Look at Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren, or Scarlett Johansson. According to modern beliefs these women are all short legged yet are all hourglasses. Of course there's nothing wrong with their leg lengths, but because they're built like women, not like boyish supermodels, we would be led to believe that if we're built like these women we are stumpy legged and chubby. I don't think so! Ask most men what they think. I bet most don't even notice leg length. Shapely and toned legs matter more to them than legs that are long. Look at lingerie and swimsuit models. They are generally hourglasses or pears (women with curves) and their torsoes are generally medium to long. I think most guys would prefer the body of a bikini model than the body of a runway model.
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I like what blissjane wrote in response to shopaholism. Apparently Shopaholism has a warped and very negative view of herself. With her proportions there is no way her legs are stumpy. They may be thicker legs, which is common with pears, and can give an impression of shorter legs, but technically her leg length is within normal range. Most of the women who have posted in this thread gave much longer than average legs. Does that make them more attractive? No, it just means they likely have an inverted triangle or apple body type, which tend to be long in the limbs. BTW that 12 body types site is simply emphasizing on the basic horizontal body types. The cello, vase and hourglass are all hourglasses. The bell, skittle and pear are all pears. The lollipop is just a skinny versuon of an apple, and the same goes for the cornet. The brick is a thicker ruler type. I can appreciate that they're trying to help out with specific concerns but really, there are only 5 body types. Pears are wide in the hips, narrow in the shoulders, tend to gain almost all their weight in their lower body and are typically small breasted with a narrow ribcage. They often have long torsoes. Hourglasses have shoulders and hips of around the same size, with a defined waistline and typically have medium or large breasts. They gain weight in the same areas as pears but also in the upper body and are usually of the "balanced" vertical body type (the hipline or pelvic joint to the floor is half their height). Apples are typically wide in the hips with rounded shoulders with undefined waistlines. They are usually large breasted and gain most weight in the trunk. They tend to have medium or long slim legs. Inverted triangles are broad shouldered and narrow hipped. They're typically long limbed with undefined waistines. They tend to gain weight in the upper body and face. Rulers possess shoulders and hips of around the same proportion and square or straight up and down torsoes. They typically are smaller chested with varying leg length and comprise a large percentage of runway models.
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^Kathryn33, you should probably withhold judgment on my assessment of the 12 body types system until you, too, have been selling jeans to women of all 12 body types and all heights for the past 5+ years. (And seriously, these are your first 3 posts? Sounds like you're more interested in bashing me than really contributing to a discussion about designer denim...) Though you could indeed group sets of 3-4 body types into larger categories, that doesn't change the fact that the individual types within those larger groups often need vastly different cuts of jeans in order to find the most comfortable and flattering fit, as you probably saw on my wiki page. Selling and personal shopping for denim and other clothing will teach you much more about the variety of body types out there than a generic biology course will (and for that matter, I know a group of girls from the other forum who don't even fit into the 12 but have described a possible 13th body type). While I admit that the world of premium denim tends to be a little self-selective, and the average forum member body type might be a bit different (longer legs, since leggy girls often can't fit into regular denim brands; also, it's very unlikely that a forum member who fits into the standard 24-32 size range is overweight, like the average American woman is), but I've sold denim to such a variety of women within and outside the forum world that I've gotten a good read on average height-inseam correspondences and what styles work best on certain figures.

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I'm only 4'11" but have long thin legs and wear a minimum of 32"

I've worn 34" but they bunch too much and since I've moved from skinny to slim straight find that 32" is a good length.
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I'm 5'7 and have an 29 inch inseam… sigh…. :(

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30-32" is my guess, it seems very common pretty much everywhere.

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I think most denim brands offer a 32-33"

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"I'm 5'7 and have an 29 inch inseam… sigh…. :("


Welcome! I feel your pain, pretty much. Are you possibly of Mediterranean, Eastern European or East Asian descent? (My body type is pure Mediterranean, but my mom is the stereotypical Eastern European Skittle...if you followed the several posts before yours) At least you can salvage a lot of pairs with wrecked hems, as I have done a few times!

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