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blue cult

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Wow, $600 starting bid for blue cult!? Must be a typo...
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...1410 515&rd=1

Also, does anyone know the fitting for Sacred Blue?
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I just bought a pair with no stretch so I went a size up.
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Ha ha I saw that it's so funny! They could have revised their item,
I personally can wear one size smaller in blue cult than sevens. Only because the stretch blue cult is a bit stretchier than the sevens. Hope that helps!
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How would you compare Blue Cult's sizing to CoH's? What about Sacred Blue jeans? Are their sizing the same as Blue Cult's?
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I have a 28 in Coh Ingrid stretch, 29 in Sacred Blue non-stretch (but they got a bit loose once I wore them) and a 29 in Blue Cult stretch (but they are a bit big in the waist). Its probably best to go into a store to try the Sacred Blues on first.
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