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Well heres the collection i have accumulated so far. My actual collecters spirit has only been going on for about a year, maybe a bit more.
Farco 81W are on the way As well as some Black Byron Bay Citizen of Humanity.... wow i love jeans too much

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i'm diggin those jeans, and also diggin the IKEA DUVET COVER! lol,
was gonna pick that same one up too, but i decided to make my own style of duvet cover,
But nice collection overall.
Keep it up
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thanks buddy! haha yeyuhhh ikea haha such a sweet place i wish i lived near one.
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How do people like you and I know what a duvet is? Is it essential to our survival in the hunter and gatherer sense?
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No. What are we then? Right, we are consumers. Murder, crime, poverty; these things don't concern me. What concerns me is celebritiy magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy's name on my underwear.
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what im concerned about is why are you wearing someone else's underwear? if theres someone else's name on them, clearly you should be getting your own!
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You have the all-black lemmens. MAN those are some hot jeans. Can you say what each one is? would be helpful to the members...
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sweeeet collection.
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well just off the top of my head

Theres the zathan 70E 27x30 Zathan 764 27x32 zathan(midnight blue wash ha)27x30 zathan 772 28x30(would be willing to trade for a 27x30) zathan 82H 27 x 32 (want another pair of these!) Zaf 796 27x30

Theres some black lemmen 27x32 82H lemmen 28x30 Backler (not sure of the wash, the wash with the permanent wrinkles) 28 x 30 Rabox gray cords 28 x 30 x rotuck 796 (totally authentic ! and happy to know some people are really stupid and dont research jeans before they put them on ebay and sell them for buy it now 40 dollars
Rame (maybe 772) 28 x 32 Moody 29 x 30 Levis Skinner 28 x 30 Joe jeans rocker size 27 True Religion Joey size 28 Seven A pocket size 26... the rest are just seven flare cuts in different washes that black wash is amazing i love those jeans. And on the way are the farco 81W whew!! Im going to hollywood and camarillo next weekend to do some shopping as well, see what i can find.. im also looking at some gray citizens at the moment. i need to get a bigger closet haha i seriously cant wait till i get my own place and im going to make a kick ace jean display in my room! Try to get some diesel display stuff or something. make my own haha

If you guys want to write me a list of specific things or sizes your looking for let me know. shopping list! haha Also let me know like overall if your a specific size and really want something, what washes or what styles to look out for.
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Love the Backler 713's!!!
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Nice collction buddy
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thanks so much!! i just added to it today and bought a pair of paper denim and cloth jeans and ross for 30 bucks!! so stocked

The womens boot cut fits really nicely im not sure if they shipped to all ross stores worldwide but if you live by one check the mens and womens section haha
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Until now I still don't understand how premium denim can be found at Ross, filene's basement and TJ maxx
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i know its crazy!! I love ross. I found a pair of Miss sixty girls pants in this really awesome black wash for my girlfriend(ended they were too big) but they had a small horizontal hole in butt that was easily sewable. 50 cents!!! haha i bought my diesel gray cords at ross for like 30 bucks as well haha so insane. There were some zipro in that black wash in a waist 30 for 50 bucks like a month ago. They were too big but if i would have known of this forum i could have made a good amount of money haha dang it
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Oh yeah i used to work at marshalls.... we would get some sweet designer stuff sometimes its all just really random So i would go by and check your local ross/marshalls/tj max every couple weeks. you never know what you will find
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added zaf 710 26x32
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Take some pictures with the lights on or with the flash. Over saturated light is better than none.
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I hate to say it but these A pockets seem pretty fake to me. Hope the cut is not 702128.
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i count 21 nice!

ahhh.....you just made me feel better about owning "only" 10.
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how do they seem fake to you?
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nice nice
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Nice collection
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Originally Posted by thusfrommylips
how do they seem fake to you?
The shape of the A just seems wrong, too pointy imo. Also the A's are huge and the distressing on the backpocket seems wrong. Go and check the silvery stripe for the microstitching on the 3rd Label, there should be some "7fam" logos in there.
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