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bin 27 mothleys 29,90$

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sorry link is gone i have done it by myself
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are these real? thats the most amazing deal, i want them, are they real though because i think i might buy them?
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Those look real for me... fake motely is very notceable..
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can someone else help as i really wanna buy these but want to make sure. why are they so cheap?
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cindy can u please remove this link now cus i really want to buy them an i dont want anyone else to buy them
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can i do that can you tell me how because i see no one from the mods to ask if they can remove the link by the way i think they are too big for you
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i dont know either
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i pm lauriebell and she is helping me too pm dave so he can remove the link oke but i cant do that sorry
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Edit button

Is there an edit button under your posting>
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lol that was my blonde moment i did not know we can do that
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good! you found it!
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thankyou so much cindy
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