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Citizen wash question

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I am trying to figure out the wash for the following citizens:

Style: 002-013
Cut: 381
Can I tell the wash from this info?

Thanks for any help!
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Hi Nancy!

The wash is coded in the style number. 002 stands for the style "Ingrid" while 013 is the wash. I'm afraid I'm no big help here though. I own a pair just like these - they're a medium blue color, non-stretch, and the stitching on the back pockets is blue. I used to believe they're the Colorado wash, but those should have yellow stitching in the non-stretch version.

I'm sorry I don't know the name of the wash, but you could ask the eBay seller dailydenim. He has sold a wide variety of Citizens of Humanity jeans, and I'm sure he knows what this wash is called.

Could you let me know the name of the wash when you have found it out? I'm quite curious to know that, too.

Greets, Bianca
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Thanks Bianca for the info. I will research further and let you know what I find out.

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