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Originally Posted by just_jill325
those look really good on you!! wowzerss!!! i think I like the bobby's..if you got the joeys, might've been to much detail on the back with the flap pockets..and the stars! fits you like a glove too!!!
I agree! I like them in the bobby. The fit you perfectly!
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I love that style in bobbys, and they look amazing on you!! KEEP KEEP! But definatly see if they'll do a reduced price or something.
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They look great, I WANT THEM! I thought I had a pair of these in Joeys but now they are faked.. I won them on ebay... but after posting the question, learned they were fakes.... so far I haven't received a negative feedback over not paying them though (fingers crossed)...

So, the answer to someones post is 'yes, the rainbows are faked, but only the Joeys, not the Bobbys (yet))...
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Those are sooo cute on you! Wow! They look way better on you than even the model! I've seen them on some online stores and didn't think they were as cute as when I see them on you! Congratulations!
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I hated how these looked at first. But keep em! You make them look great!
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These jeans look so much better on IMO. And I like the Bobbys in these better too. The fit on you is great

DEFENITE keepers!
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Re: Keepers? I kinda like 'em. . .

Looksgreat~ Keep them
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Those look really good on you. I hated those when I saw them online but I'm changing my mind about them now. I need a new pair of bobby's now!
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MrsT - LOVE THEM!! They look great on you - don't return them!!
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Oh yeah...you HAVE to keep those! I'm kinda liking the Bobby's better than my Joey's now. The grass is always greener...:P
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