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omg lies de fleurs crystals

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but are they real i think so, waaaa i want them so bad i think i buy them http://cgi.ebay.nl/ROCK-REPUBLIC-JEA...QQcmdZViewItem
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Go for them Cindy!!!!!! they're gorgous!!!!! someone should grab the SZ 30 too... they have 2 available in 26 and 30!!!!!
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damn yesterday they have a size 27 and 28 and the size 28 is gone now
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i have never seen those b4
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Cindy, how much is the retail for these in Belgium?????
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380 euro i have fit them and they are running tts they where the same pair as this one
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oh, then 26 will be too small for you....bad!!!!! I think you can get them for that price during the sale... it's in 2 weeks!!!! yeeeeeeh, can't wait !!!!! I'll get myself at least 2 pairs R&R's....
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What sale??? I want those!
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they are from spain and you are getting them cheaper than this in america so i think thats not a good deal for you its about 240$
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Those jeans are so pretty!
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