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Originally Posted by BeachyTeachy
Originally Posted by Tsukasa
old multi medium pony express sammys all sizes
try spring06 if its still working for 30% off. use trial for 20% off.

Free UPS ground shipping in the USA, and if you are in Canada, USPS shipping will be $15USD + $5CAD customs handling, which is better than paying $40cad ish to UPS. Both ways you will probably have to pay taxes.
Anyone know if the pockets run like the dark washes or the light washes? The pockets on the dark wash run waaaaay too low on me but the ones from shopepic that were on sale for $95 (the wash escapes me but it's light) were perfect. TIA!
ANYONE??? I'm waiting to order until I hear from y'all!
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If you hurry...I got an email today from www.shopepic.com, enter "lucky" at the checkout for 30% off thru tomorrow (3/17/06)
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I would say the pockets on Old Multi Med. Pony Express run the same as the Dk Pony Express you used to have. I would try a different wash like saddleback!
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Ooh, or these:
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