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size 25/26

rainbow roth
crystal roth

(already hemmed is a plus!)
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Rock & Republic scorpions in a size 24 or 25, preferably a wash without distressing
I really want a pair of dark trick scorpions on sale! Thank you guys!
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in my wish list i would like:

pink crystal roths in a 26/27
radion ivory roths/jaggers - 26
sodium wash pink/yellow or purple roths - 26
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Any Roths sz 25/26. Desperate for my FIRST pair!
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skynards addict (light or dark) 24/25
scorpion addict wash 24/25
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My WishList:

Rock & Republic Taylor
Rock & Republic Henley
Size 36"

Desperate for my first pair too.. ;p
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I'm looking for Crowns (Londons or Madrids) size 29. Any colour.
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i want some alloy wash in size 28 please pm me me if you see them
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men's henley 28w
especially dark washes...especially medium codeine
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Please, please, any darker, less distressed wash, all 32:
Fleur de Lys
Those... Leonards? With the round-top front pockets?

Any Robin's Jean in a 32 also.

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Please let me know if you find these in size 25!
- Scorpions
- Stevies
- Rays
I am in love with R&R
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Can I play?

Size 24, Victoria Beckham Crowns and Scorpion jeans, any lighter wash. Covet!
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my wishlist:

size 29/30
Dark Trick Jagger
Kerosene Jagger
Roth Charcoal Crystal Pocket
Roth White Crystal Pocket
Ray Kerosene Flap Pocket
ANY ScorpionS
ANY Victoria Beckham London CrownS!!
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RR Costellos size 25!!!
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I'm on a jeans ban except when someone let me know there are good deals of

-London pink crowns
-Stevie xanex

Both in a 24 or 23 (if there are any)!!
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Crystal Vapor Roths, size 27!
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Roth Fleur De Lis, size 24. Thanks!
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I'll die for a pair of
- London pink/turquois/silver crown 24
Please help me to find a good deal! Thanks in advance!
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Any Roths or Stevies in size 27.

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anything pretty in 24 or 25 please :P
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Crowns in 31 or 32
Scorpions in 31 and 32
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in size 25
Scorpian jeans (Quaalude or Vicodine Wash preferably!! But will consider all washes!)
Roth Banin Banshee

or lol..pretty much ANYTHING in size 25!!!
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Scorpions in size 24 or 25...my 26's didnt fit
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Update to mine:

I need the new washes in 25, because either they've changed the cuts or I've lost a lot of weight.

Desperate for a Vetter mini! PM me if you see one.
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white vb crystal crowns 27/28
chrissy capris 27/28
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