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Hi there, I am looking for a rr roth in size 26. Please contact me if you see anything authentic.

I don' have any ot this beautyfull jeans yet

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my updated wishlist!! in case anyone is searching for jeans


help a sista out! also vb crowns in size 25 if you see any!! thanks guys!
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ANYTHING IN 26!!!!!!!!!
-really want hudsons, and R&R's!!! =]=]=]
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Ok I what I really want are the R&R Pastel Rainbows in 24.
I would also like the snake pockets 24 and the vetter mini 24. Any rock skirts in 24. I also like the new roths with the double R pocket. That is it for now.
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I'd love a pair of R&R's in a size 25...if anyone could help that would be amazing
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White VB Jeans with the Gold or Blue Crowns. Size 29/30. And the 'David Lee' jeans with opaline crystals. Love these jeans.
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MENS HENLEYS size 28 to 29 must be 34 inseams +
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Skynards, any wash- I guess in a 29?
I'm a 28 in 7fam stretch and 29 in non- stretch (a little smaller would fit,too).
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i'm looking for anything in size 26/27 but the crowns!!
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I'm looking for Scorpions, preferably in Xenon wash, size 26
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If you guys see any Rock and Republic Scorpions (almost any wash, preferably sodium, dark trick) in size 24 or 25, please let me know!! Thank you!!!
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I just noticed this, talk about oblivious... anyway

scorpions in qualide, 27, if anyone sees them on ebay or on sale anywhere pm me!!!
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Hi. If anyone sees any Scorpions in size 24 or 25 (any wash), let me know please!! Thank you!
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VB Pink crowns (crystal or not) in size 25-27
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Here's my wish list. I'm new at R&R

Size 30 or 29
VB Crowns (London or Madrid) white, silver, lavender (crystals or no)
Pastel Rainbows
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26 scorpions!
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The only pair of jeans I find myself craving are a pair of Henley's in the 31" waist. Pity it's so impossible to get them in Canada
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I want Ray's in corduroy sz 28 MORE THAN ANYTHING!
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wanted in 26/27:

- Crowns (london or madrid)
- Crystal Roth
- Jagger Crystal (pink)
- Roth light addict
- Scorpion Vapor Wash

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Roth Valium jean in 29.
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Me want:
roth argon
roth saphire crystal
roth xenon
VB madrid (is there actually red crown?)
roth rainbow
all in size 29
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oh ya....
i want Roth Charcoal Crystal Pocket sz 29
so baddddddddddddddddddd............

planetfunk sells them for $242
do you think it's too expensive?

i'm a newbie
what daes BIN stands for?
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Scorpions, dark wash, esp dark trick, size 25!! I don't have any rock & republic jeans yet but I really want these!
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Any good deals in size 26 (stretch) and especially if hemmed at least to 31 inches. In particular:
R&R Winger Quaalude
R&R Stevie Xanex PINK <puddles of drool>
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all size 27
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