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Hey everyone,

I've been wanting a wishlist sticky for awhile now, so everyone post their R&R wants here! This way, we can all help eachother find good deals on ebay

I'll start..

Roth Glycerine
Roth or Jagger Radion in Ivory
Dark Trick Jagger
Roth Argon
Stevie Vapor's
Kerosene Skynards
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Yay, I'm glad you started this!

All size 25:
Jagger Dark Trick or Kerosene
Skynard Kerosene or Dark Trick
Scorpion in any non-destroyed wash
Chrissy in any non-destroyed wash
Roth Argon

I'm short, so anything hemmed to 31-32" is ideal.
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ANYTHING in a size 27! I've been dying for a pair of R&R's!

*anything except crowns..I dunno why, I just don't like those!
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Not like I need anymore jeans but...

Roth in Dark Trick or Raw
Jagger in Argon, Dark Trick, or Kerosene
Skynard in Dark Trick
Adam in Raw

Roths size 24, Skynard size 25 (I think), not sure about the others
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all 25-27

SKYNARD [dark blue or dark trick]
ROTHS [snake/ciggy/radion ivory]
VB CROWS [any color mini!]
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Pretty much anything in a 26 but especially

- Scorpions
- Stevies
- Skynards
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Pretty much anything in a size 25 or 26.

In particular looking for:
VB Crowns (london or madrid) Both with crystals and without. Prefferably a silver/white/gold crown.
Crystal roths, any wash, any color crystals.
Rainbow Roths
Scorpions any wash
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size 27

VB Crown any colour London or Madrid
Roth Crystals
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hello any r&r in size 28 i like them all but i really want one whit crystals .Thank you
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Oh, so many!

In size 26 - everything hemmed to 30/31/32

Roth Orange Pocket
Roth White Crystal
Roth Citrine Crystal
Roth valium wash with the Urban pockets I'm so in love with
And something to replace my Roth Halogens, which I love, love, love but are too big. Anyone want to trade?

In 27/26 - I think I might have lost enough weight that this has gone down

Jagger anything
Wicked Argon wash
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I've never had a pair of R&Rs, but I would like
Rainbow Roths in 27
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Stevies in Vapor
VB Crown - Lon or MAD - white or off white
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Yes for being the first male wish:

size 30
Henley or Taylor in morphine
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Size 28 or 29:

Roth Xenon!!! Help!!

Probably Scorpion Xenon too, but more interested in Roths.
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Scorpion in a 24: any darker wash
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I have to add to mine... I'm compleeetely in love with the Roth Fleur De Lis in Vicodin wash. if you find it below retail in a 32 pleeease let me know!!!
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Pretty much anything in a 26....no crystals.
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roth rainbows addict wash - 28
roth pastel rainbows - 28
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Stevies in any dark wash size 24!
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R&R Crystal Crown Size 27 any Color
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Anything in a 27, no crowns! Hemmed okay!

I don't have any RRs so it would be nice to get a basic pair
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My wishlist!

RR Scorpions...any wash...size 28!
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Hi, I would like to add my wishlist...=)

Size 25 or 26
Pastel Rainbows
Roth Fuchsia Blue Crystal Pocket
Roth Banin Banshee
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size 26 Roths and size 27 Skynards!
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size: 25 or 26
cut: jagger, ray, scorpion
wash: dark trick, kerosene, argon, raw, radion, etc-- basically anything dark without crystals.

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