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Look what I found about JUANROYAL

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I have always known that Juan sold fake AF. It's blatantly obvious. If anyone wants to see pictures of the fake Stacey mini skirts etc, you can see them on ebay. Some sellers did not use the stock photos and its clear they skirts are horrible fakes. I find it funny that all of Juan's stock involves items that have been heavily replicated. He seems to always have a ton of pink a pockets and havanas in stock. IMO, I would NEVER EVER buy anything from this guy, and I'm surprised he hasnt been exposed sooner. I hope nobody here has been ripped off by any of his fake junk.
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Are you sure that you don't have JuanRoyal confused with somebody else? I don't see any offers for Seven for all Mankind on his website.

He seems to deal in A&F almost exclusively. I have seen a few other offers for BUM, G-Unit, and Akademiks.

His website clearly states a 110% authenticity guarantee. It will be very interesting to see how this all works out.
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I am positive it is Juan Royal. He does carry seven jeans from time to time. if you can pull up his old posts on wholesale 411, you'll see he had Seven Havanas and Pink A pockets. He does mainly sell AF (fake AF at that), but every now and then he gets a stock of "sevens" too.
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Juan's Response

How a reputable wholesaler handles business..

Hello All,

This past week has been horrific.

I have been bombarded with so many emails. The subject-refunds.

Email Examples:

Juan, I paid with paypal for the stacey's and paid through
aberfitchdeals.com via credit card for the casey's...

The paypal transaction ID for the Stacey's is ID# 2P702503BV088264B

As for the Caseys, I got a receipt from aberfitchdeals.com with the order
number: yhst-67072210840535-498

If you could just send them both through paypal, that would be great. Please
let me know,


I feel uncomfortable with this purchase after all the commotion at the forum.
Can you issue me a refund? I don't doubt your ability to sell authentics but at this time and this product, I would feel more comfortable opting out, especially with the long wait time that I have experienced with this order.

I would like to do business with you but being relatively new to the apparel industry, I can't afford to sell a less than reputable product.

Let me know your thoughts on this if you have time

Can you please issue me a
refund to our paypal account "@hotmail.com" for the
amount we paid $604.54.

Thanks in advance,


I have concerns regarding this order after reading recent posts at wholesale411.
I was under the impression that these mini's were authentic. Can you alleviate these concerns for me? I am also wondering if these are ever going to arrive.

Please let me know what is going on.
Thank you,

Hi Juan,
I just saw the post concerning you on wholesale411. If there is any possibility that the True Religion patchwork jeans that I ordered from you are not authentic, I would like my money back now. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I am worried.

Juan, I have to be honest I'm still very concerned about the authenticity of the Stacey Embellished that are on their way to me. I've been watching all the talk on the wholesale411 forum. By your estimate below I should see them early this week.

If they're still in transit and can be redirected is it possible for me to trade them in for some Casey Lace instead?


I regret to inform you that I would like to cancel my order.

Order Date: 03/02/05
Order Number: yhst-67072210840535-493
Shipping Method: Free Shipping

Wholesale 411 is obviously a very popular forum.

Customers who purchased Staceys, and those who purchased other a&f merchandise (1200 pieces total) all want funds returned.

This post has literally ruined my business.

Please do not read this post wrong-I am not pointing fingers here.

I have consulted with my attorney, and I have three choices:

1-How a reputable wholesaler does NOT handle business

**Disappear and leave all of my customers hanging

2-File Bankruptcy

**This will still leave my customers hanging

3-Work out a payment plan with everyone..

Obviously, I will opt for Option 3 because I do care about my customers.

95% of my business was generated through 411

Needless to say, this post (and it's title) has not been very good for business.

As stated earlier, not here to point fingers-that is so not the most prevalent issue for me right now;however, saving my business (which bears my name), my reputation, and keeping my customers loyal and happy.

On one hand, I have a supplier who has received over 15k via Wire Transfer, and I have customers who no longer want merchandise-this is a problem.

Ironic how an irregularity such as a mispelling, which is an ebayers dream (ebayers love great deals, and IRs are deeply discounted)...

I will not file bankruptcy, I definitely will not disappear, but I WILL make everything right and move forward.

I am in the process of filing reports against my supplier with the proper international agencies.

Anyone with goods that are no longer desirable, pls email me directly or PM me for return address.

Those who have paid for merchandise that they no longer would like to receive, pls forward an invoice to aberfitchdeals@aol.com

You will receive a signed notarized contract that will allow me to repay you in an amount that will allow me to stay in business.

My business has really been ripped apart...not only have I not received any new business, but I'm having to refund transactions that were initiated prior to this fiasco-remember, Im not here to debate or point fingers--im only here to exterminate this situation, and to make things right.

When these things happen, a wholesaler with no conscience will run and say too bad, a wholesaler with a little bit more of a conscience wil file bankruptcy and then say too bad, but a reputable wholesaler will make things right.

If you are affected, pls follow the applicable instructions.

Best Regards
Want real stuff real fast?
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Congratulations on the Lacoste check. As far as this goes we were just showing that the egotistical JuanRoyal even gets fooled by counterfeits from time to time. He used to have a real chip on his shoulder when Dave used to ask him to provide proof of authenticity on here.. Thats ok I have contacted a few of the companies that he posts items of. They will contact their security and a check will be done of his product.
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Hey kitty99 look at this

Hi Kitty looks like we ruffled some feathers over at Fakes411. I love the fact that they are accusing me of being that silly gelanebound. They sound very paranoid that their fakers are getting caught by customers who have become more educated, through this site more than likely.

The honestforum has become such a threat to them that they edited out his link in the email that I want you to see. I guess that means that Dave is accomplishing what he set out to do,"expose fakes."

KUDOS to Dave.

They mention in the following posting that we make a pretty effective tag team. I don't understand this because all I posted was 1 post with a simple solution, and that was if there is any doubt send a few items to AF trademark protector for true authentication. This would have solved the whole problem by either showing JuanRoyal was right and they are authentic, or that he was wrong and they were fake. I hardly find that grounds for me accused of being some other idiot and banned from the board.


Anyways the following was posted by thinlizzy on the board..... http://community.wholesale411.com/vi...asc&sta rt=60
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Hey Store Detective,
I love how TinLizzy is now stalking me from forum to forum trying to catch me on a technicality or something. IMO people on that forum are COMPLETELY delusional if they believe they're actually receiving authentic AF items that are known to have conterfeits of, and still selling full price at stores. Not sure what makes them believe that the set they are receiving is the real deal.

Another member just tried to accuse me of being a competitor and selling on I offer. Well, sorry to burst their bubble but I don't deal with fake junk so if they wanted to make another "kitty" lose business, that would be hilarious. At least it would bring down another counterfeiter!

It's really too bad all these fakes make their way to the market through wholesellers. When I was with the AF company a few years back, this was never a problem. Never would I have suspected a brand like this WOULD be the subject of such counterfeiting. Now I've been hearing from some friends with the company that they have really been cracking down, starting with employees and managers confiscating fake goods that are brought into the store, and home office launching a large investigation against those who sell fakes on ebay and those who distribute in large quantities.
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IMO W411 knows that they are selling fakes and are willing accomplices otherwise they wouldn't edit when someone puts up a link to this site. They want to keep the people uneducated about fake products.
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Store Detective, ITA. I'm almost positive all the sellers know. I do feel bad for the buyers, though.
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Okay, who over here sells authentic merchandise? I don't mean this in a saracastic tone, seriously I am interested!
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I dont think anybody here is a wholeseller. Members here sell their own items or items they've picked up from designer discount stores.
I'm sure someone has a list of ebay members who sell authentic jeans.
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interesting stuff about juan royal.

fakes suck.

we have a few vendors in our buy in bulk category but not many.

there just isn't all that many honest and authentic wholesalers. if you know of any that we missed please inform...i don't want to miss anybody.

rock on.
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a couple more thoughts.

1. 25% restocking fees don't seem fair.

2. 110% authenticity means if it is fake to pay the person back their money plus the extra 10% that you promised them.
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