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joey fleecies!!

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so i got them today guys after all that waiting and bugging the person who bought them ...

my thoughts: run a little big ... a 26 was a tag big so i hope washing and drying them will shrink them

HOWEVER ... they are the cutest, comfyiest gosh darn pantaloons ever!!!

So ... i don't have a camera cuz my sister took it to South Africa to take pics of lions and zebras and whatever but when she comes back i'll be sure to post pics right away!!

(hopefully by that time i'll have them hemmed ... 34'' is a lil long for me!)
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I think those run big too. I have the khaki ones. They are very comfy though, and they're especially great to travel in. What shoes will you wear with yours-gym shoes only?
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i don't know ... right now they are lile 2 inches to long! EEPS! what do you suggest? also did your shrink when you washed them?
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I actually have to wear mine with my clunky black boots because they're way too long for me otherwise. I haven't had a chance to get them hemmed. They're kinda dressy for sweats so I don't think it looks bad. Mine shrunk a little when I washed them, but they stretched right out again! I think I'll have to wear them with a belt.
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me too! i might get them hemmed a tad so i can wear them with a lower heel .. right now they're too long when i wear them with my like 4 inchers!
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