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I bought a mens Lacoste polo shirt at eBay, and I want to know if it is genuine or fake. Please, help me! I took some pictures, as shown below:

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thanks for posting

thank you for posting this pictures. It is really helpful to us when we go shopping for real lacoste items. Nowadays fake are dominating over the authentic ones. We have to watch when we buy designer brands.
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Wow. They make fake Lacostes now??
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I recently bought a Lacoste Polo Tee from a forum guy. He said it was authentic and it was Made In Japan. I was in doubt and was confused if i should purchase it, but in the end he convinced me by telling me that Japan do produce better quality product then those Lacostes that are made in Peru etc. And so I thought, why not give it a try since he said if it was fake, he would refund me, but I dont know man
Upon receiving it I checked the logo and tag and noticed I cant find anything similar on the net and pm-ed him instantly about it. But Im gonna post the pics here, has anyone ever bought any Lacoste Polo Tees from Japan stores? If yes, some pics would be much appreciated! Thanks! I really need you guys to help out..

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Help out please? He's not gonna refund unless I have proof that this s fake =(
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great tips there man... i was fooled once i bought fakelacostet shirt.. but after u have shown the differences between real and fake one.. its clear now
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Originally Posted by JustChar View Post
REAL Lacoste tag

FAKE Lacoste tag

There really isn't a difference in the inner tags. Both the fake and real ones have the astericks. What do you mean by bullets?

maybe the quality of the cloth used for the tag makes the difference.
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A guy I found on the net want $22 a piece for these shirts. Need some opinions from experts. Thanks.


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i got 2 t shirts 1 jumper from a lacoste shop in spain but on the tags inside they dont have what fabric there made from and how to wash them. is this odd or does this happen i checked everything on them and there real but the back tags dont have washing details on them.

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do know anything about lacoste made in china...

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ive seen almost every brand made in china on some of their items. Diesel has things made in china. normally lacostes nice stuff is france and t shirts and such are from peru. i have never seen anything lacoste made in china but that does not mean they havent made anything there.

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Someone seen fake the new LaCoste lable? "LaCoste Live" ??


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I haven't seen fake Lacoste Live items but I do have 2 authentic Lacoste Live polo shirts here if you're in need of authentic pictures.

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I d never seen the fake Lacoste live tags either. Do they look different from the real Lacoste live labels?

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I have been given a lacoste short sleeve mens polo. everything checks out as authentic except for the side seams where the split is there are a few stitches either side.Very neat and looks like it is all part of the shirt. It is made in Peru. My other one my husband owns is made in China. Do you know if the method of finishing varies between countries of manufacture ?

Thank you.

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I didnt know Lacoste made their items in China. I thought it was only Peru and France. That doesnt mean it isnt possible. Im saying I have never seen any Lacoste made there. If you want anything Authenticated you have to post pics

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Hi guys! I think i got myself a REAL Lacoste shirt. Can you tell me if i'm right or wrong?

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Great notifying, I appreciate your detective talent :d

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Fake! got a fake one with code F4811 too!

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Ebay member AUCHINCLOCH has guaranteed genuine lacoste items polo's,shirts,swim shorts bought a few myself and they are the real thing.

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Can anyone help me with this Lacoste Hoodie?

The logo is dark grey. The tail and the claws seem a little off to me. And it also says "Made in China" but I heard that some Lacoste are made in China..








Would really appreciate it if someone could give me their thoughts.

Thank you.

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This is very informative. Thanks for posting that i was able to recognize fake lacoste to a real one. though, there are some fake who really did well imitating the real one. hope someone here can post more recent update on how to pin point the fake and real one. Thanks!

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