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Daisy shorts

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Are these real:

and how do these fit ???? TTS ????

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they look real to me. Can't help with fit though.
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those look good to me too...and size up, these run small!
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they run a little bit small, but are very short.
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Originally Posted by Christie99
they run a little bit small, but are very short.
it's true- they definitely don't cover much!
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I went up a size with my Daisy Duke... don't think they'd stretch out like normal jeans since they're such tiny shorts
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Woah, yeah they don't look like they will cover much at all.
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authentic IMO
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yes, those are real but IMO you should definitely size up. I like my shorts a little bigger so that they sit lower on the waist which gives you a little extra length.
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THANKS everyone !!! I usually wear a size 27 so I figure these will be OK !!
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