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Pics of your collection....

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When was the last time we did this? I think we should post pics of our TR Collections.... and name washes if you know them! I am going to wait a day though b/c I have quite a few on the way!
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haha yeah i was about to say the same... i got more at home too and i wont be back til the end of the week
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As soon as I get my hands on the digi cam
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My TR collection is small compared to my 7 collection, I only own 6
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lol only?
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Originally Posted by bombon99
My TR collection is small compared to my 7 collection, I only own 6
TRs are WAY more expensive than 7s so IMO 6 is a perfectly respectable collection size (esp. since that is about how many I have!)
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haha my thoughts exactly. only six?! i have one pair lol.
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TOP to bottom(left to right)

Bobby Med. Vintage Destroyed, Joey Black Destroyed, Joey Leather Flap Dark Destroyed, Joey Sand Premium, Joey Dark Vintage, Joey Medium Vintage, TR big T tee, Joey Tan Crinkle Cords, Medium Cleawater Jimmy Sherpa Jacket

that was then; now take out the TR crinkle cords and replace those w/ Joey Big T antique blue(still in the mail), and Bobby Big T Cowboy destroyed
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Uhh its the top right ones...

brown big t joey cords and big t raw joeys
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Originally Posted by Tsukasa

Uhh its the top right ones...

brown big t joey cords and big t raw joeys
wait so you only have 2 ? GET TO WORK MAN!
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OMG...I don't have pics but collection is huge!!!

8 Joeys: medium bullet, dark vintage, super light vintage older style, dark pony express, dark destroyed, big t cowgirl destroyed, big t rainbow cowgirl destroyed, big t medium pony express

4 Bobby's: premium wash, medium pony express, big t rinse wash, older style medium wash

3 Joey Cords: pink, dark green, creme

3 Sammys: dark pony express, old multi, and medium clearwater crops

I think I'm a TR junkie (I got rid of most of those other designer brands)...but hey it's what works for my body, so I go with it you know? I've collected most of the jeans on sale in the past 1-2 years. I try to avoid full retail!
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mizzboxy TAKE PICS OF YOUR COLLECTION!!!!! I am dying to see your goods
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Okey dokey will do! I forgot to add white joeys & bobby cowgirl destroyed...

The crops I just got today

Pics coming soon I promise!
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Joey's from left to right...

Woodstocks, Dark Pony Express, Medium Bullet, Basic White, Vintage light blue, Cowgirl Rainbow Big T, Medium Pony Express Big T, Cowgirl Big T, Dark Destroyed

Bobby's from left to right...

Cowgirl, Medium Vintage, Medium Premium, Rinse Big T, Medium Pony Express

Joey Cords & Sammys from left to right...

Creme, Pink, Dark Green, Dark Pony Express Sammy, Old Multi Sammy, Medium Clearwater Crops

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Kick Ass Collection!
I love how your rainbows dont have the huge bullet hole in the pocket... it is very minimal distressing!
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Originally Posted by Banana311
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Thanks guys!!
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1st Row: Big T silver cords, Big T brown cords (selling), brown/greyish cords
2nd Row: Dark Premium, Rainbow cowgirls, Med. Pony Express
3rd Row: Old Multi Med. Pony, Medium Vintage, Style 509 crops, Med. Pny Bobby's (selling)
4th Row: Med. Clearwater crops, S. Light Vintage crops, Rinse crops

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damn girl, yours grew fast!!!! Here is my WHOLE tiny little collection....but it is missing a pair of rigid joeys that are at my bf's and my R&R gold crowns that will be here any day!

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Great collection~
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of that was for me...thanks
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JEEZ look at the ladies!! I Got LOTS of catching up to do..

Im slooooowly adding on
But so far I have..

Joey Big T Rainbows, Bobby Destroyed (i just sold em)
Joey Cowboy Destroyed, Joey Dusty Trail, Joey Leather Flap

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I got all the jeans I was waiting for in today!

Top: 1. Super T Easy Rider (which I need to exchange b/c they popped a thread! I will show a close up.
2. Big T (easy rider? not sure)
3. Joey Medium Miners (my favorite fit jeans)
4. Dark Premium Stretch
5. Joey Big T Medium Miner (just got these in the right size and I love these too!)

6. Big T Bleached Rainbows (still not sold on these, it is hard to wear white jeans!)
7. Bobby (Medium Vintage)
8. Sammy Super light vintage crops (haven't worn yet)
9. sammy big t brown cords
10. Joey gray cords

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holy crap! YOu got all of those in TODAY?!?!?
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