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Originally Posted by Keri
My fav recent purchases, super t's for me, and Erik's first pair of Diesels
What cut/wash did you buy for him?
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some koffha's out of the hm,let me find them

okay, it was koffha 796.
from rushdash
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-Seven For All Mankind Slimmy Jeans
-Paul Smith Mullen Shoes
-Diesel Straff Button Down Shirt
-BDG tees
-Goldfrapp "Supernature" CD (I lost my old one...)
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This week:

2 Juicy Velour Hoodies (one in GI and one in Louis V)
1 Juicy Velour Track Jacket (in Willy Wonka)
1 Juicy Drawstring Velour Pants (in Puff Puff)
Paige LC in Medium Clean
SFAM DHV A Pockets
SFAM Broadway Flynts

oh yeh... i just signed a lease on an expensive apartment (with only 1 roomie in addition to that) for next year.. now i feel guilty for all of these purchases.
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Paige Las Flores
COH Ingrids
SFAM MNE Studded A's!!!
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SFAM lily sigs
TR joey big- t's
Dress shoes
Dress for a wedding
New bedding.
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sfam distressed/destroyed hav2
sfam studded shorts
sfam carribean crystal
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r&r ffloyds in oxycotin
jil sander striped polo
jil sander white polo
gucci gg slip ons
gf ferre sweater
evisu l/s shirt

gucci purse for mom (now im out 1500 but my sister will pay for it)
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The last few weeks
Diesel Farco 81w
Tom for sunglasses
Diesel style lab shoes
Joe's jeans
A german watch
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Purchased on Friday:

* New Apple "Mac Mini" with the Intel Core processor. This machine kicks major arse when comapring it to my PC (XP2800+ 1536 DDR)
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Sick computer talk_shows, congrats
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I know and thanks! Dave told me to go and get one, so I checked them out and fell in love with it. Honestly, the thing is tiny and so cute, its awesome
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, I bought my powerbook a year ago and I never use my dell PC anymore :P
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i really want to get a macbook pro...REALLY want to...
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i just bought my 3rd ipod yesterday ... (white 30gb video)
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2 blazers for work. one black and one white. all thanks to to macy's family & friends sale
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Originally Posted by MiztaMike
i just bought my 3rd ipod yesterday ... (white 30gb video)
I sadly have yet to even buy ONE.
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Originally Posted by x714n
lemmen 82m
adicolor r2 surface to air
i love my lemmen 82m
i hope you will too
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free people wrap top
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oh wow...I've been bad lately

COH Ingrids
Paige Las Flores
TR Joey Sunshines (2 pairs, I couldn't pick which size I wanted)
SFAM MNE Studded A's that are now sold
SFAM Ireland Sigs
Kenneth Cole Purse
Coach Wallet
ANOTHER Juicy track jacket

I need to stop spending all my money!!
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TR Joey Destroyed
TR Bobby Big T Cowgirls
TR Stretch Bobbys
TR Bobbys unknown wash
Some black pointy toed shoes
SFAM flynts
SFAM NYD bootcuts
dabating on TR Sammy Big t
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R&R jagger steel
R&R jagger valium
Diesel Bebel 87M
James Pearse Tank
C&C california tank
2 pairs of shoes
Awesome silk tank and necklace from rampage

Thats all i can think of right now but graduation checks have been rolling in and party is today so I am sure the list will be twice as long soon.
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Originally Posted by pedo
-Seven For All Mankind Slimmy Jeans
-Paul Smith Mullen Shoes
-Diesel Straff Button Down Shirt
-BDG tees
-Goldfrapp "Supernature" CD (I lost my old one...)
Hey pedo can you please post pics of your slimmys? I really want to see how they are in real life...
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Zathan 80Ps and a watch for my mom for mother's day! Limiting my spending because I'm purchasing something pretty sweet in the near future....

... http://www.rsportscars.com/foto/01/vwgti06_041600.jpg
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