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Lacoste-Made in Peru But shipped from India????

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Dose that make any sense? Are there overstocks coming from India???


Real or Fake????

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Your link didn't really work...but Lacoste is made all over the world. Here is part of an email from a Lacoste rep. supposedly. Oh, btw, most stuff on Ioffer is fake!

Finally LACOSTE is an international brand made by a manufacturer (DEVANLAY) that holds a world wide license, with the exception of a few countries that have a right to a sub-license.

The principle behind sub-licenses is that the authorized manufacturer can only manufacture in his country for his country. (One cannot buy a product
labelled "made in Argentina" in the US, but in Spain one buys shirts labelled "made in Spain").

The sub-license holders are: ARGENTINA - BRASIL - SPAIN - TURKEY - INDIA - THAILAND - KOREA - JAPAN -

The worldwide manufacturer makes LACOSTE products on three international platforms: FRANCE - CHINA - PERU

The French platform runs a network of 70 factories in Europe, North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia) and Asia.

The Chinese platform produces in China and supplies the Chinese and the European markets.

The Peruvian platform supplies primarily the US and European markets.
It is impossible (except on a parallel market) to find LACOSTE products in
the US that come from a sub-license holder (for example made in India or Argentina)

All products made under license are controlled by DEVANLAY - world wide
manufacturer- and in accordance with the LACOSTE quality norms. All our
products can be authenticated and are exclusive, but LACOSTE
is, unfortunately one of the most imitated brands in the world.

If you have the slightest doubt, you should go to a LACOSTE store, where our sales people will know how to advise you and show you the products in our latest collections.

We thank you for the interest you are showing for our brand.

Best regards

Customers’ service
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I have found it difficult to purchase any real Lacoste from wholesalers. From the research I have done and other buyers I have talked with...nobody really knows an authentic Lacoste dealer. I have heard that LuxuryBrands24 from the 411 has authentic Lacoste, and he has prices to match.

If the price sounds to good to be true, it probably is. How could a shirt that is $72.00 only wholesale for $14.00?

There are manufactures located all around the world...even in India. However I noticed that alot of the India shirts will still be marked Made In Peru, when they are not. The quality I have seen of these is not very good at all.
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In canada it costs $110 for a lacoste shirt. It costs way more even with the currencey difference. It should be like $86
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Well if youd ever like one of us to get you one Im sure we could It'd be $76 after tax where I am plus shipping
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