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Stevie Sodium..or not?

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I have a pair of Stevie's that I want to sell that I have had forever and the tag says STVSM. Is this the Sodium wash? I just wasn't sure because I have had them a while (maybe a year or so), and I wasn't sure if the Sodium wash was newer than that....Here is a pic to verify:

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Weird....they look like xenon.

I don't think sodium existed back then.
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I know, I am confused.... :/
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Maybe email Rock & Republic and ask. I know Leici's gotten a response from them about a wash question before.
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^Wow, that is cool that they replied...I will try that
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I don't know the name of the wash, but it's really nice... and you have a nice figure.....I'm jealous...
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^Thank you
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