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Primp Bunny thermal..help!

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Anyone know which sellers on ebay sells authentics??
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I've looked, but so far, I really can't tell. I've heard the VIPFashions has some real ones, but I'm not sure if they have any left. I'm actually keeping my eye on the anchor one from Shopintuition. Real ones on Ebay are only about ten dollars less tahn ones from actual boutiques. Sorry that I couldn't help more!
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all of the ones ive seen on ebay are fakes except for vipfashions.
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vipfashions only has the grey left...

mdjsmj: do you know which other online shops have it?
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www.lisakline.com carries them
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i have the pink one and its soooooooo cute i want the pony one.

i bought mine from shopintuition. their shipping takes FOREVER. it took a month to get mine. i wanted to exchange for a smaller size but didn't want to wait forever.
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I'm going to be in LA this Thursday, does anyone know which shops carry Primp??
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oo thanks trish!
but I think I'll got with the XS on shopintuition...
gymangel: that long??? Well I'll have to WAAIIIITTTTT>.. it out...
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Sorry for takin so long to respond! I kinda forgot about this thread...if you don't want to get it from Shopintuiton, Lisakline looks like a good alternative. Also, at www.itsprimp.com , there are some retailers:


I just copied them from the site, lol.

You could also check with your local Neimans, Saks or Nordstrom. Hope I helped!!
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