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AUTHENTIC DIESEL picture superthread !

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Welcome to the Diesel picture superthread!
1. pictures only please...if you want to discuss something please just make a new post.
2. please follow the basic format we have going so far
3. picture size. 520 is best...but 640x480 will work and makes the page load quicker (big 1024 images slow the page down a lot)
4. rock on!

All dressed up?
If you have pictures of yourself or anybody dressed up really nice please put those pictures here-> http://www.flickr.com/groups/damn/


to see the rest of the pics -> http://www.honestforum.com/dieselgallery


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Zathan 742
Dardy (forget the wash, but these are linen and very cool)
x-rotuck 839
rabox 238
x-rotuck 796 (pair #1)
rabox 802
cardiel 740 (real)
x-rotuck 80Q
Zathan 82E (I believe)
Rivec 846
Tiiner 81Z

Cardiel 770
Rabox 770
Reslim 761
X-rotuck 796 (pair #2)
cardiel 881
yokees 881
cardiel 740 (fake - denimkingdom)
Ravix 782 or 783 (the stretchy one)
Cardiel 82V
Zathan 772 (real!)
Ravix 139 - I LOVE these cords!
backler (forget the wash)

for the rest of blm14's collection -> http://honestforum.com/viewtopic.php...=asc&start =0

these are cardiels, cant remember the wash on the left, the one on the right is 773

left: Moorix 796, right: think these were Ravix

these are my newest additions which arrived today
left: zathan 796 (2005 collection) which are a tight fit
right: levan 881


kuratt 832, zathan 82h, zaf 772, zathan 83L



First row:
X-rotuck 80E
X-rotuck 80Q
X-rotuck 874
Ravix 845
Ravix 740
Ravix 796
Roody 894

Second row:
Rabox 754
Roody 600
Zathan 858?
Zathan 82R
Zathan 772
Zathan 773
Kratt 796

{ 82H / 710 }
{ 772 / 80P }

{ 796* / 80Q } ( *hole temporarily replaced with a patch )
{ 796* / 81N } ( *not sure of actual wash number on these jeans / tag reads lav. 00796 )

[ ZAF 796 ] [ RABOX 874 ]

Hi all, I never got a chance to post up my Diesels. I mentioned in another thread that I have been buying Diesel's since 1993-94. I grabbed whatever pair I could that was clean (and found a box of old ones) and snapped some pics. I also have pics of old school ones some of you might have never seen. I also took pics of some old Replay's and Matinique's.

left to right: Tiiner 770, Rabox 874, Rabox 785

OLD SCHOOL DIESELS!! Some of you might get a kick out of these

Top to bottom: Saddle Cords 350, Sparker 360, Trading 720

Close up of inside label:

Close up of Mohawk head, notice there is no micro stiching. But believe it or not there is that "hard to read" numbers at the top of the tag.


Front coin pocket label:

Old school Saddle label:


Anyone ever waer Matiniques?? These jeans were made from 53% Tencel. They are soft and comfortable as hell, and made in Italy!


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gotekix's Kuratts
Here are my pair of Kuratts art 81w I just picked up from the Diesel outlet at Woodbury Commons this Saturday.

Gospastic's jeans
model: cardiel
wash: 740
purchased at: diesel store


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in the last picture i have those same campers. good s hoes.

[no discussion...pics only please]
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heres some of my jeans.

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my collection

Zathan 710 31x32 f/w 2004

Zathan 772 31x32 s/s 2005

Bumics 880 31x32 s/s 2005

Rabox 796 32x32 s/s 2004

Rumbum 796 31x32 f/w 2004

Ravix 727 30x32 s/s 2003

Zathan 772 again

Zathan 772 and 710 side by side

Zathan 772 and 710 side by side again

Zathan 772 and 710 side by side and again

All piled up!

Jacket 01

Jacket 02

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Japanese Denim 2004
Originally Posted by aipume
82L Clerby

82N Zathan

82M Lemmen

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Ravix 773, Zathan 82R, Zathan 770, X-Rotuck 796 (fakes), Zathan 772, Ravix 793 and I have on my Zathan 764 right now.

Butt view

Blue Cult Ripped, TR Medium Destroyed Joey's, TR Dark Vintage Joey's, PCD GTO Tinted Flea, AG SHN DRG, PCD Ripper, PCD LTD, PCD GTO Filter

Butt View

What do you guys/gals think? I went from 30+ pairs in my collection to about 15, so I was kinda proud of that. I want to keep it at 15 but am always open to suggestions on new ones!
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1/2 of collection

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Diesel Clerby:

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Rabox 888:

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Top row: Rumbum 796, Rabox 832, Jeeves 620, Zaf 796
Second Row: Levan 881 , Levan 730, Levan 880, Levan 708
Third Row: Zathan 80G, Zathan T60, Zathan 83L, Zathan 82H
Last Row: Zathan 772, Zathan 796, Zathan 770

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Zathan 772:

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Zathan 84R:

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Zaf 796:

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X-Rotuck 796:

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Levan 708

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Wouldn't it be wise to watermark those pictures? Any sneaky person can just snatch them and put them up for auction on eBay, adding their own watermarks.
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Zathan 796:

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Can I post shirts too?

(my stupid 4.1 megapixel $300 sony doesn't have a macro function, I'll have to borrow my old one to take pics of the microstitching from my grandpa that I gave to him when I got this one. I got that one 4 years ago, and it has macro. Damn Sony.)

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Just to let you know and everybody in general the white hang tag on diesel items means its womens, obviously its not a big deal because a t is a t and when it comes to diesel it just means its smaller and more form fitting when its a womens
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Yarik 70C:

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Zathan 764:

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Zathan 772

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