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In my original question, I was asking about the Big T Joeys in Easy Rider because I had seen a lot of online stores list them as a 32 inch inseam . . .

Originally Posted by Linds
I have a question for anyone who has (or knows a lot about) the Big T Joeys in Easy Rider. I've seen a few online stores list the inseam on these as 32 inches. Is that really accurate? If so, I might as well give up on getting them because a 32 inch inseam is definitely too short for me.
. . . so that's why I was wondering about the discrepencies between what's stated on Revolve and what's stated on some other websites. Thanks for your help, everyone!

Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl
Hmmm I just noticed that. Looks like if you want the Joey Easy Rider in Stretch you long legged girls are in luck! Comes in a 34 inch inseam.
Yayyy, thanks for posting that! That's something I'm very happy to hear.
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Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl
Originally Posted by litebrite
Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl
I have the Joey Rigid in Easy Rider. IMO, compared to my other TR jeans they run slightly on the small side. I am not sure how the Bobby's run in this wash though
Do they stretch out?? I bought these from revolve in my regular stretch size and I'm hoping they'll fit!
I don't think you will have a problem fitting into them if you got the stretch. It just seems like the rigid in this wash just does not want to give much. Now the Dark HandSand Rainbow joeys I have stretch out!! The cotton is sooo much softer where the Easy Rider wash seems to be stiffer.
Argh.. I bought the easy rider rigid joeys in my regular stretch size. I don't own a pair of rigid joeys yet.. and the consensus so far on this board is that most ppl buy the same size in rigid joeys as they do in stretch?

I sized up on a pair of joey med clearwaters and they were too big... so I thought this time I shoudl stick to my regular size.
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Ok, the inseam thing was bugging me. I measured a 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. The inseam varies between 33 to 33.5 doesn't matter if it's a bigger or smaller size.

Guess it has to do with the style? Stretch vs Rigid?
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^^^^^ I measured the Joey Big T Easy Rider rigid, not the stretch, or basic.
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my sammy big t's easy riderb (nonstretch) are supposed to be 33.5" according to revolve clothing but I measured them at 32.5"
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Hmmm . . . looks like I'll have to go with the stretch in the Easy Rider Joeys since the inseam is longer. Thanks, y'all!
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