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FINAL SALE $80 aruba A's - Page 5

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I haven't heard anything yet
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Originally Posted by compulsiveshopper314
I haven't heard anything yet
They canceled mine! I'm happy, and sad. I want them, but 29 would be too big on me now. My Hav Tri A's are already too big, and they are a 29. I'm going to shrink them. Not giving those babys up. I fit in 28 rigid the other day, so no more 29's for me.
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same here
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uhhh oh mine is prob cancelled too!
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yup cancelled just checked!! now what jeans will I get my mother?
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Originally Posted by compulsiveshopper314
I haven't heard anything yet
Just got the email - cancelled
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I got the email cancelling my order as well. I think I was even the first to order on here... That totally sucks!! Since most or all of us used the discount code I wonder if they sold them to someone who didn't use it, hence they get more money from the sale? Heck, they probably didn't even have them when the link was posted! I wish places would update their shit more often!! Sorry just super annoyed right now, I've been looking for these for around that price!!
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I know me too it was my mom's present now I have no find something esle!!
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Man, this was a long thread... I've been so out of the loop! Sorry gals about the cancellation! I hope a better deal comes your way soon to make up for it.
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sorry for all the cancellations. i got my frankie Bs cancelled too!

goclothing should REALLY give all of us or any other buyer some type of discount for this.

their inventory/update thingy really sucks and puts all our hopes up!
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ADASA has them for 139....size 28-29. GOODLUCK

PRICEY! but maybe some of you are willing to pay that much if u REEALLY want them.
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