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Poll: Has Idalis gone crazy

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OK, yes, I know this is gonna be shocking. I bought a pair of sz 25 Bobby Stretch mediums from Shopbop with the intention of reselling, since we all know how I say I hate the horseshoes (and am like a size 23/24 anyway). Well, they came today, and with one glance I was like whoa, those are ungodly tiny! So of course I had to try them on to see.... and I had a struggle buttoning them at first! These HAVE to be mistagged, the ACTUAL waist is only 25.5. So anyway.... being that we all know I seriously do hate the pockets.... should I keep them? (note: forgot to change into thong )

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I think they look hot on you. We're the same height but I think your legs are twice as long as mine...or you have 4" heels on :P Seriously though, they're really cute on you, I'd definitely keep them!
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Keep 'em darlin'!! They look great!!
Now, on to an even hotter pair of Joeys!!
That will bring Spring in NY on in a hurry!!
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yeah pam if you dont keep them i'll have to buy them for you =P
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Wow those do look really good on you! I vote keep for sure!!
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ditto, they look good on you. they're keepers
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They look awesome on you! Keep for sure!!
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i bought the same pair from shopbop and got them in the mail today too!! i LOVE them

they look really good on you, keep em!!
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keep! they run really small...i hv the same pair...
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*Gasp!* Idalis in something OTHER than Seven's?!?

They're FAB-U-LOUS on you! I'm sure your 2nd pair of TR's will soon be coming...
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They look so cute on you. I think you should keep them. And I have to say you are lucky to get a pair that runs small. They are probably a size 24. I always find that TRs run a tad big compared with sfam. But maybe this is just me. And you might want to try the joey's too. We all try to convince you to get some TRs.
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I like 'em. They make your legs look REALLY good.
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they look great on you! chances are, you would look great in any jeans!
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Originally Posted by jen10
they look great on you! chances are, you would look great in any jeans!
dont say that or she may whip out the mom jeans
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You look absolutely great!!! You must keep those!!
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They look awesome Idalis!!! Keep them...
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you look so cute in them! wow those must run really small.
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You have to keep 'em! Were you surprised by how good they looked? I know when I got my Bobby's, I was. For some reason, the models that I see on the website don't do them justice. I thought they looked better on me than the people who were modeling them...which it's usually the other way around. If they had looked on the models how they look on you, I would have been all over them sooner!
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Those look fabulous! Are you crazy? Keep em!
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Keep them! I hope you will try a pair of Joeys as well.
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Those look amazing They look better on you than they did on the shopbop model!
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They look GREAT on you, seriously!!! KEEPERS FOR SURE!
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OK .....Who voted not to keep them? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Jealous?
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those look really good! I have em in a 26 and they seem kinda small to me also. I usually wear 25 in TR. They look great.
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