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Re: cool?

Those look like kratt but I've never seen those scratches/extra stitching. Kratt is a really crappy cut, IMHO, so even if they're real they aren't anything special. I'd ask the seller to show you a (good - as opposed to the photos in the listing) photo of the inner tag. I would also ask where he got them from.

But, unless you're really sold on the look, I'd stay away.
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not on my watch.
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Meh, not my style nor my cut.
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they look customised to me, just old skool jeans with someones own work on them
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Retracted: US $11.25
Explanation: Entered wrong amount

It's currently at 2.25 with two bids. I say they will be under 20$ when it ends...
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those are very strange. but i'm not a fan of the 'Krapp' cut to begin with. heh.
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