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X-Rotuck 80Q

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So ,what do you guys think, are these real or fakes. I'm still too new to tell.

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oops...screwed up the html for that link...
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Originally Posted by fuse27
oops...screwed up the html for that link...
Link fixed. Assuming that the non-stock pix (top right and bottom left) are accurate, they're real.
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I dont have any rotuck in this wash--cant tell you but I have ever seen x-rotuck 80Q fake on ebay, they look real as seen on the photo. But i think the better is ask for seller for some more details on the jeans (i.e microstiching) or wait for blm14 take a look in here
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woah, he's here
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they're real. as cool as it was, i don't think the 80Q wash was popular enough for people to start making cheap imitations.
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