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Authenticity Check

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I bought a pair of seven jeans off ebay.

I do own authentic pairs of Seven but i think that these may be fake because

1) The length it came in was 32, they look altered.
2) It seems like a popular one sold on ebay

The name is Pompei black, I have never heard of that one before

Style Number: T52014U-145U
Cut: 708218


I bought the same pair from the same seller.

Though some signs I think may be real:
stiching looks good
tags look good
all labeling looks good
button looks good

the rivets look dark copper not the light copper seven uses.
SO i don't know
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Those are real, but why don't you post the actual auction that you won?
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Do seven's ever come in size 32?

Size 32 length for sevens?
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Mistake on the style

Style Number

Forgot a number
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Those are men's jeans.

I actually have a pair of size 30 that I altered to be tight in the knee that were one of my favorite pairs.

I've lost some weight and have been looking for that style in a size 28.

If you don't like the cut, I'd be interested in buying them off you.

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