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15% off at Diesel on Everything

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im using my blue voucher soon, if anyone wants something just send me a PM i'll go by the same rate as BLM cause i think its fair and standard on this forum.

you can call Diesel at T. (+1) 215 5612557 to ask them if they have what you want and if they dont obviously i cant get it for you. try to call if you can instead of asking me about particular items since i dont know what is all in stock since im not the store itself =P

if you're looking for a particular rare size or wash/cut that you cant get online and you dont live near a store that has one, then i may be helpful. i can get anything in the store including shirts, jewelry, etc. too. just call the number to find out i MAY also be able to do returns if they dont fit in like 14 days assuming the item is still in brand new condition since i can just return it to the store and refund. also, if you have preferences like "i want a XXX with heavy distress" i can accomodate for that based on what they have in stock (dont mind looking at denim, it's kinda my job anyways )!

i get 15% off everyting in the store, but with the comission it kinda averages out to retail price, thus its not gonna be a Dieselofmiami 50% price :P so keep that in mind!

anyways, send me a pm if you're curious or want anything, otherwise have a good weekend
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oh i will also send you a digital copy of the receipt for your safekeeping when i buy it off the store (you'll see what else i bought for myself too but thats fine with me =P), although i am crossing out my credit number for obvious reasons!

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oh btw blm just mentioned this to me. you dont have to pay sales tax (in NY its like 9%) since its in phillie so that a little saver
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Wow, thank you very much for this offer. I will def. look into it!
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thanks a lot for the proposition I will send you a list in the fews days thanks...
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ya no problem. do it before monday 2pm though

also quick note , if the store doesnt have it i still get a 15% off and get them to ship from another store just have to pay 15$ extra for the shipping fee by them....funny thing is thats stil cheaper than NY tax alonev
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how did you get this voucher?
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i dont know

but so far Circa and BLM have eluded to the possiblity that it requires flirting with gay people
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im gonna give everyone who asked me a PM tomorrow at around 9-10pm EST tomorrow to finalize and confirm what u want to buy if anything so try to be online =) illl be calling the store to ask about all the availabilities that people asked. im gong on Monday so if i missed your pm i wont grab anything at all.

the average total price for most items would be : 186 dollars . this is just an estimate and im only charging 15% comission instead of 20% because when i did the math it came out to be too much and im really not doing this for profit. i also did the math and the prices surprisingly came to be 5-15$ cheaper than if you were to buy it from a store (assuming they had tax) yourself at full retail, assuming you even have a store near your proximity to start of with.

my service is not meant to compare with like dieselofmiami, but its for buying those particular jeans (or whatever Diesel items) that are very rare or non existent online or by these 50% off wholesalers. if your item fits this category then this would be a good chance cause not many blue vouchers are given by Diesel and im also buyin from a tax free state which makes u save alot there too (compared to NY believe it or not 10% tax hurts).

if anyone else wants something PM me asap
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