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i really want these JJ!!!

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but im not at all an expert on authenticity and why the jeans a re so cheap?
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Well, the auction you posted only has a stock pic ~ so I wouldn't bid IMO. Joe's can be found for around $50 at Marshalls and other discount stores, so some sellers are selling them for a decent price
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you MUST ask for original pics (front, back, inside tag). i hate it when sellers use stock pics those ppl are so lazy. if you're gonna use stock pics at least put some of your own as well
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I have those same jeans but they are the Miles wash...not Garcia. They cost me $43 from Scoop NYC, they are a basic style and wash so the price doesn't scare me but those generic pics do, ask the seller for close up pics and just more pics in general...otherwise I wouldn't bid.
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ditto what everyone else said...definitely ask for real pics, not stock pics.
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That auction has 5 pic of the actual jeans....
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Originally Posted by IAmRenee
That auction has 5 pic of the actual jeans....
The seller must have added them afterwards! Anyway, now that I see them, they look real IMO
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the pics she posted are garcia
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