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VB jeans

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i was just wondering if these were real.. the girl said she checked here already and that they are, but i just wanted to make sure:


^^sorry about the tinyness.. she said she couldnt get this picture any bigger
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the pics are bad but i think they are real
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Real! bla bla bla (I hate we need to post at least 10 characters)
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do you mean that i diddent know that
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The crowns look good.... they're like silver crown in dark wash (80% coton+ 20% elastane) so they might run a half size small, just want to let you know....
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^Ditto to the above. They're certainly real, and I've got a pair. They have a snug fit, but they are one of my best fitting pairs of jeans
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Originally Posted by cindy fourneau
do you mean that i diddent know that
Sorry if my post offended you, i wrote the bla bla bla's to complete the 10 characters
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ooooo those are soooo nice
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