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Rock & Republic fake?

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I think real, but I'm not a guy and don't know mens r&r that well, so wait for more responses
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Not that it means much, but asked probed the seller about the authenticity and she replied:

"I wouldn't know where to purchase fake items. That is not my style. I purchase items from liquidation centers for high end retailers. Usually customer returns or store display. I would prefer to ship them to you. I don't quite feel comfortable meeting a stranger, Please understand I am a woman and you can't be too safe in this world"
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FYI: the end of her message has to do with me asking to pickup (and check authenticity closer) since we're in the same city.

I guess if I find out they're fake I can drive over to her return address.
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If they are fake most likely she won't provide a return address.
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The material/texture definitely looks nice and high quality.
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I'd be weary of the whole, "Liquidation Centers," as Rock & Republic does not sell through wholesellers or to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.
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Originally Posted by jbrana
I'd be weary of the whole, "Liquidation Centers," as Rock & Republic does not sell through wholesellers or to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.
Well thats not enirely true, I've purchased R&R at both Loehamanns and various warehouse sales

this person has 0 feedback which is a BIG NO NO anyway so I wouldnt have bid
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how about do this. buy the jeans if they are fake driver over and return them?
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I won a pair of R&R from this seller earlier today too, but it looks like our jeans got vero'd, however from the pics she has provided i'm pretty sure your jeans and mine are authentic.

Does vero just end auctions even though they are authentic because they don't want their jeans sold on ebay? I remember I bought two pairs of sfam flynts from a seller who ended up getting his jeans vero'd but i still bought them and they were 100% authentic.
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YES Vero DOES! I had a pair of R&R Townshends that got verod on me stating the reason being they were counterfeit and they were totally authentic. I was beyond pissed!
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which seller was this ????
i just won some R&R recently but the auction was Vero'd after i paid. during that time i had asked to see pictures and they were FAKE. so tell me what the seller is and i'll let you know if it was the same one and whether or not you should pay for em.
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I saw your thread about that seller and its not the same seller. The seller skoiboy and I won from is gottastayfly.
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Let me know how you're going to play this one....I'd really like to pick these up and I have a feeling they might be auth.
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Just an update: (email sent by me with her reply below):

Saw the item got Vero'd. I would however still be interested in picking up the jeans if they are, as you say authentic. At this point I would have to do a COD or meeting in Baltimore. Let me know.



Thanks yes, these jeans are authentic, it may be because I had several pairs of RR jeans and they need a receipt. I had to go through this with my other account. Will email you later

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I did the exact same thing you did. I sent the seller a email and told her that I believe her jeans are authentic and would still like to purchase them if she can put a 100% guarantee on them and would give a full refund including shipping if they were not. She replied to my message and sent me a paypal invoice when I was sleeping, however she cancelled her money request within an hour of sending it so I don't know whats up with that.

Anyways, any update on your situation?
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I've been going back and forth with her. I believe the jeans to be legit and I have her phone number and address, so I find her if they're not. Anyway, I paid her and already have a tracking number. She was going to let me go pick them up but finally I just said to ship them, because I don't feel like driving over.

One e-mail a got worth noting (check out the feedback on that ebay account, which I assume is hers since it says Balto, MD as well):

once you see the jeans you will see that they are authentic. When and where would you like to meet? I live in the Gwynn Oak area. I am already established on another site and was trying to just list men's items on this one. If you like you can visit, esposadelarry, that is my other site. Thanks. My number is *******. Of course we can nix the shipping.
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Well at least you're getting your jeans. She has yet to reply as to why she cancelled the money request so I have a feeling she's ignoring me, perhaps because I won the jeans for a really good price, I dunno. I'll be really disappointed if she doesn't sell me those jeans.
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