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Fraud and Theives..... Sensiblechic selling Frankie B etc.

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Anyone know of this girl? Sensiblechic also known as Rachael Ohlwiler. If you or anyone you know, knows of her then please advise. Your story would help to get her off the theiving market. Represents herself as a distributor of many high end fashion items and she lives in the LA area or in Orange County. Be careful of anyone with the 949 area code. She took 1500.00 and ran with it. Lets all help to get these people busted. Thanks for any input you may have.
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Doesn't she own some online boutique?
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Rachael Ohlwiler Sensiblechic

Hi, Thanks for the reply. She also has some type of boutique. Do you know her? One of her websites is weddingchannel.com and http://www.bridalgowns.com/local/con...id= 429565576
If you have any info that may help then please let me know.
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Rachael Haataja Olhwiler and several other aliases: Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!What a con-artist and criminal. 


Here's a lttle bit about her latest scams. . .she is in Holladay, UT and still taking advantage of ladies getting married and landlords.
Contact me for more info and file a report with the police department in Holladay, UT.



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This woman is currently living in my home in North Salt Lake, UT.  I have not confronted her yet, but I have read all the terrible things about what she has done to people by finding her on google.  She is currently going by the name of Rachael Haataja.


What should I do?  I contacted the police in Holladay, and they said she is now out of their jurisdiction, and didn't seem to care at all because of that.  She has done nothing to me personally, (except paid rent late and not the full amount) but if all this is true about her scamming people, I want to see her locked up!


Any suggestions?

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Hello BJ,

Since I am a subscriber to this thread, I was sent a note that you had written.

As her prior landlord, I can tell you that Rachael has learned how to delay any payments with a string of very plausable excuses. . .eventually the list gets so long and she gets so far behind that she bails. My kindness in accepting her made up lies cost me $1700. Her MO is to say that she left the last place because of spiders or some other excuse like safety of privacy issues. Just ask her to call her bank so that you can hear her verify her excuses. She'll blame you for not trusting her and leave. Anything that you have in your house is also not save. . .especially alcoholic beverages.


Also, since she doesn't have a job, the money that you take from her is was gotten illegally with fraud.


As a further note, she told me that she blew up the engine on her truck and I later found out that it was repo'd. The current seller of her car is now looking for it to repo it. . .


I'd suggest that you get her out as soon as possible!

In addition, who did you talk to at the Holladay PD?

I will be going to talk with them and would like to know the residence that she is at right now.

My understanding is that the State of Utah has an internet fraud division and they are now in the process of investigating her.

She also is now guilty of Identity Fraud of two people and one of them is Tracey Curtis. She has told me that she met you twice.

The other person is a BJ as well. . .

So that you can more easily communicate with me, my email address is yo.spiker@gmail.com.

Upon your reply, I will give you my phone number as well.

Kind wishes,

terry s


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