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Roth Radion Ivory Question

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Ok so I got my Roth Radion Ivorys that I bought off Ebay in my usual size and they are SOO tiny! I can't even do them up! I am so dissapointed ! How do you guys find they fit?
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they're made of 80% cotton and 20% elastane, so they fit a bit tighter than the 98% ones.... should be able to stretch them out imo.... I don't own a pair but heard they run a half size smaller though...
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I heard you have to size up because they run small.
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Mine fit perfectly. They're stiff when I put them on, but stretch out nicely during the day.
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The same thing happened to me. I bought my usual size and they're TIGHT. They squeeze my waist and are practically painted on my thighs.

I'm trying to stretch out the waist and wear them around to stretch out the thighs but I heard they won't stretch out, they'll just go back to their original size. *cries*

At least I now have motivation to lose weight. LOL
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So how do I go about stretching them? Do you think thats a good idea or should I just sell them? So upset.
LOL LadyV-- know what you mean about motivation to lose weight but then again, this one might just be unrealistic!

So sad I love these sooo much
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I love them too. They hug my butt so perfectly! LOL I think you should just wear them around for a while and see if they'll stretch. Good luck!
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Lol Isn't it alittle weird though to wear them when they don't even do up? I dont know.. they are so tight LadyV-- did you keep with your regular size?
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I got them in my regular size but they're pretty snug. I can barely do them up, when they are buttoned up I feel like if I eat, the button will just pop right off. LOL

I need to lose a bit of weight and tone up anyway so I'm hoping this will help me out. As for you, just try keeping them. Try squeezing into them with the button and zipper already done up. I used to do that with my other jeans as a habit and it would stretch them out.
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