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Another thing I notice is how the fabric of the shirt itself seems to almost perfectly match the example fake.

The fabric on the "real" shirt looks like the stitching is 90 degrees offset, the stitching on mine, and the 'fake' is more like 60 degrees.

The seller claims to have recipts to prove authenticity, etc...

I don't know??? The logo doesn't look like the 'real' example, but it looks a word better then the 'fake' example. not sure how much this stuff varies over the years.
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hey everyone,

i was wondering if anyone could help me identify if this burberry bag is authentic, considering the price given by the seller its very cheap, and im very confused. any help would be great! thanks!

Authentic Burberry Novacheck Plaid Handbag - Toronto Clothing For Sale - Kijiji Toronto
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I just bought a coat from a seller called Liuqimin83 on ebay -- the seller laways seems to have about a dozen Burberry coats in her ebay store, which is suspicious, and she has multiple sizes and colors in particulr styles.  She says these coats are exclusively for the Japan market, but I'm still a bit wary because these are not Burberry blue label.  Any one have any clue as to whether these are fake?  In particular, I don't know whether I've ever seen this color purpole and style (belted quilted trench with really shiny gold buttons) in the Burberry line before. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there, would love your expert opinion on the following items, see pictures attached and please put me out of my misery and tell me if the check shirt and navy sweatshirt are real burberrry items, I'd be most grateful ...thanksburberry items 007.jpgburberry items 004.jpgburberry items 002.jpgburberry items 003.jpg

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hello i would like to get this authenticated pls ....3kb3m23p25Y35U15P3ac6356f96027f821461.jpg3n43k53m25V25W55R0ac62f463df6ef921d12.jpg3nb3m93of5V65U65R3ac65e357bf2bf7e1bb4.jpg

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Hi guys! 

Thanks for all this information!

Can you please help me. I want to know what you think about this scarf (pictures are below). Do you think it is original?


ivory burberry2.JPG

ivory burberry.jpg

ivory burberry4.JPG

Thank you very much!




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Hey guys, can you help to authenticate this scarf?

ivory burberry.jpg

ivory burberry2.JPG


ivory burberry3.JPG

Thank you!

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Hi guys!

Can you help me to find out if this Burberry Ivory scarf is original or not?

ivory burberry.jpg

ivory burberry2.JPG

ivory burberry3.JPGThank you very, very much!

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can anyone tell me if this site is legitimate?




its ridiculously cheap! xD and it seems pretty authentic, judging from the pictures.

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also, is this site legitimate? are the burberry bags authentic??




thanks so much guys!

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hi, I wanted to buy this burberry scarf on ebay, the price is rather low and I wanted to know wether you thought they were authentic or not (please don't buy it, it's for a christmas present!), according to what you said it certainly seemed authentic. Please check out this links for me. Thanks in advance.icon_wink.gif

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Can u give some info on the tag.. Does there always have to be a barcode? 

Also what about the dust bags wht should be written on them?

And lastly  oils you give more info on the bags with the diagnal lines 

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Does the tag always have to have a barcode? And what should the dust bag look like? What should be written on it?and lastly could you please give some information on the diagnal print on purses

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Another thing I'm curious about are the measurements that I see posted on Burberry scarves that are for sale on eBay.


I own 2 Burberry scarves that were purchased from an actual Burberry store, and the dimensions of my scarves are 66" x 12". The ones I see posted on eBay are all 52" x 12". I checked on Burberry's official website today, and couldn't find a single cashmere scarf that measured 52", no matter what country it's sold in (I checked the US measurements, UK, etc). 


The patterns and tags looked legit, but 14" shorter??? No wonder they're only $100.00.

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Could anyone help??? I bought this jacket at a second hand shop for $5 (Australian). I'm not a fashion expert and can't tell the difference between real and fake Burberry. I don't mind if its fake because I didn't pay much for it, but just think its interesting to know if I bought a bargan! I would take it into a Burberry shop but I heard they call the police if its fake and its not worth getting in trouble for. Opinion's would be appreciated, thank-you!600DSCF1068.jpgDSCF1066.jpgDSCF1067.jpg

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Hi I reviewed your tips on how to spot a fake Burberry but I still want to be 100% sure my item is authentic before I try and sell it... Can you help me detect if this Mens Burberry Coat is real or a fake ... Thanks In looking at others online Im skeptical because there is no size listing anywhere and the buttons Do Not have Burberry engraved on them.. I hope you can help thank you



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Did you ever get an answer?  I just bough a coat and am a bit suspicious

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This is clearly fake as there is no such company name with "s" at the end. The name is Burberry and not Burberrys'
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Please I need help. I need to know if this bag is fake or not. (see pictures below)

Regards to anyone who can help






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Can someone check out www.sheinterest.com and let me know if their Burberry's are authentic or fake, if you're able to tell that is!  I've looked at a few and they seem legit only because I read that they have a factory in China. Need a response, asap. Pls and Thank You

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@ lachula 2007 where did u purchase it???

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I didn´t buy it yet. There is a site in Argentina, where I live that  sells it  and the owner assures its original but I ´can´t tell. Thank you!

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a little background, real quick. I make over 20k per month. i buy burberry like it is going out of style not beauce i think the stuff looks great (most of it looks GAY) but because its a symbol of wealth. If you really want to spot a person with a fake look at the car they pulled up in! My everyday car is MB C63 AMG. i see people with loads of money wearing fake brand name shit all the time, and its not beacuse its cheap but because some of the stuff just looks better. So to really spot a fake you need to judge the person on an overall point. one of my good friends from highschool loves coach, she buys everything coach. spends all of her money in one day at the mall. so i told her to just buy fake shit to save herself some money. she than told me, that only works for me! i dont know maybe because im a 25 yr/old multi-millionaire with no life and i like looking good. When you stop looking at the price tags and look at what looks good you will see!!!

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Hi, I recently found a burberry rain trench about to be thrifted? Here are some pic's Don't know if it's real or fake? could it be a vintage special edition?

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