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Do Burberry Items come in Plastic Bags? I know that some brands never do this, making it a guaranteed fake
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Hi all...I am new here and am quickly becoming addicted =). I am obsessed with fashion (haha see username). Anywaz...I bought a burberry headband about a year back when they were really popular and when I got it didn't look real. I was never 100% sure (it is the light pink nova pattern). If I post a picture can anyone give me their opinion? Thanks
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Originally Posted by zr0e View Post
hey kam or anyone else......I've been staring at pics for like an hour and I just can't tell.

I'd really appreciate it if you tossed in your two cents on whether or not this was real

(tag pic)

Thanks in advance, I do appreciate it.
Wow, just did a google search on myself and up came this posting about an old auction I ran on eBay.
To answer your question, the scarf was genuine Burberry.
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Thank you very much for the information.
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Does Burberry now do diagonal nova checks? And a question about the tags, I have 2 burberry polos from a burberry store and the tags were both rectangular and tan. One of my polos is made in great britain and the other is made in peru.

Here is a link to the diagonal nova check polo. Burberry - Men's: Casual Tops: LOGO POLO
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Are the Burberry handbags made in China real or fake? Here in northern (Bay Area) California in one of the Burberry factory outlets sells Burberry handbags (small) that are made in CHina. It is $150.00 each.
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Hi everyone! I too, am wondering if this burberry is legit on this site.
HELP, anyone! I want to get my friend something (but only if it is authentic!)
Thanks guys

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I just wanted to mention not ALL burberry have the black hang tag... actually most of my sweaters (which I bought in their store) have a neutral/tan coloured hang tag i'll take photos and post them... this can be misleading
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today i saw a pic of a friend of mine wearing a purple burberry button down that had the nova check inside the collar. it runs diagonally. i'm pretty sure it's fake, but i'm not familiar with burberry. can anyone confirm?
here's a small pic (quality sucks and it has some weird shit over it...but you can still get the gist)

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i'm pretty sure the collard shirts do not run diagonally so it probably is a fake...
Of all the burberry collard shirts and t's i've seen they always run straight. I could be incorrect though, but i myself have not encountered a diagonal nova check print.
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Hi, I want to buy a burberry scarf for my girlfriend and i was in the burberry store in SoHo NYC. I informed myself in the internet before and the scarf has not the black round handtag like on the pictures on the threads first page and additionally it says made in scotland and is packed in a cheap industrial plastic bag. i'm sure if i would buy it i would get a box and and burberry bag for it, but i'm very unsure if this could be a fake in a real burberry store??? they have a 4 ft. ($250) and 6 ft. (295$) long scarf (camel nova check cashmere)
i looked over some internetpages and they sell a scarf with the black round handtag:
sell.com classifieds : 100% Authentic BURBERRY Cashmere Camel Check Scarf for sale in Pittsburgh (23FDP5)
Classic Camel Burberry Scarf Burberry Scarf Online
and this for $150!
can somebody give me advice how to detect fake scarves or give me a picture in what package/condition/... or how i should get it from the store?
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What do you guys think about this polo authentic or fake ???
Polo BURBERRYâ„¢ Femme Rose Neuf Manches Courtes Taille S en vente sur eBay.fr (fin le 29-Oct-08 18:40:21 Paris)

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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burberry bag made in Spain

Thanks for your top quality advise and I wonder if you can help me, pls?
I've got a bag which says Burberry's London Made in Spain, are they ever been made in Spain? and I've got a trench nova check which doesn't say where it is made but it is very well made and another bag which does not say either, pls help me. it drives me crazy.
Thanks in advance
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great news!

Wow... That's great news you got there... Now I know the difference of Fake to Original... Thanks for sharing....
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How about a Burberry scent? How to spot a fake one?
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Hello! I do apologize for the quality of these photos. I'd really like to know whether these jeans are real or not. The pockets are red inside, by the way.

By the way, they have no "Made in..." label on the inside and the maintenance instructions are in English and Italian. Bought them in Italy.
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I love burberry. I agree with the buttons. You can just tell by looking at the material and color if its real or not. Their button are really nice to look at.
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There are many misconceptions regarding authenticating Burberry garments. I read earlier of someone claiming that any garment bearing the name "Burberrys" is a fake. Not so!

Pre-2000 genuine Burberry garments may well carry the label "Burberrys". I am about to list a stunning tweed hacking jacket (on a well-known auction site), that is 100% genuine.

Burberry and many other lines have been knocked-off but it's usually not too difficult to tell a knock-off from a genuine article. The problem comes when well-meaning people make completely erroneous statements.
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Is authentic Burberry made in England or Scotland...or both?
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Originally Posted by albatrosul View Post
Is authentic Burberry made in England or Scotland...or both?
Authentic Burberry garments are now made in many countries including England & Scotland. Burberry spent some time earlier this decade, closing UK plants and offshoring manufacture, to reduce cost and maximise margins
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Originally Posted by Kam1645 View Post
Working at an upper-end retailer that sells Burberry, I've seen enough fakes to last me a lifetime. I don't know if they are un-aware of it, or if they just don't care. Here is a quick guide to help you avoid or spot some common fakes, especially the Polo’s.

First, Let's start off with the basics. Always remember that the Burberry Nova Check (this is the correct term for the 'plaid') is always symmetrical, especially in Handbags and Small Leather Goods, this means that the pattern will always line up. The check has ONLY three thick faint navy stripes crosshatching each other. In between the stripes, there is a white filling that is also faint. Also, the red thinner stripes cross exactly in the middle of the blue check. There is also a pic below to help you out. Note how the whole handbag is symmetrical, from the handles, to the Check. Also remember that Burberrys handbags (in the Nova Check) are always over-sized. If you see a really tiny version of the check, it's most likely a fake.

Next, the logo. Look at the BURBERRY LONDON tag above. The best way to point out a Burberry Font is the rat-tails on the R's. The font will look like this always, even on the buttons of a Burberry shirt, or pant.

I'm going to show you a Burberry Polo, and compare an authentic to a fake.
Right here you can see that the trim of the check below the collar is leveled on the real one. And on the fake one, it's diagonal. The diagonal check is not used on polo’s, unless its on the trim INSIDE the shirt and not usually visible if someone is wearing it. The Nova Check inside the lining of a jacket or trench should always run horizontal, and vertical. NOT Diagonally.

Next, there is the Equestrian Knight logo. On the real one, the horse actually looks like a horse, and is more defined. On the fake one, the horse looks really fat, and deformed.

Additionally, there is the all-important hangtag. Remember that the hangtag is meant to be cut off with a scissors or other object. It's pretty hard to take it off by tugging and pulling. If you cut/tug the tag off, it's almost impossible to properly attach it back on the way it was. When returning a Burberry item back to Saks (it didn't fit) I literally had to hand-tie the tag back on, it looked goofy because the string also started to unravel.
Also, the connector in the fake one is most likely a counterfeit one. But I do know that the Burberry Nova Check Handbags come with the same connector, but the tag itself is not navy, its a caramel/brown color.

Alright, that's it. I didn't get too much into it, just the basics. But if you feel like adding anything in, or if you need to correct me, do so in a post please

FYI.. BURBERRY will be 150 years old this year. That's older than Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Versace and Dolce...

This is really helpful! Thank you very much for posting!
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I purchased a Burberry Polo from an online vendor for just over $100. I guess I was under the impression the nova patterns on the bottom of the shirt should mirror? The craftsmanship seems worse then that of a Ralph Lauren polo, does this look genuine to you guys?

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