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Hi, I know many years ago,but,I had my zathans hemmed with the fold method-can you explain in detail how to let it out again so they are longer again at home without paying again ?


Thanks in advance!

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Sometimes the fold method involves cutting the hem and folding and restitching along original stitch line. Undoing it could make the hem fall off. If I was you I'd get a professional to do it man.
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K, thanks!

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I might try this at home with a cheap pair of jeans first.

Oh and Samantha I would love if you post your process for hemming your jeans (if it's different from the figandplum one). TIA

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I personally prefer the "sandwich" method of hemming..less bulky fabric left. A little tedious, but IMO better than the tucking method.

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This wiki may be helpful for hemming tips: http://www.denimblog.com/c/a/11-tips-for-hemming-your-jeans
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I always fold-hem without actually cutting any fabric (explanation here: http://www.authenticforum.com/rules-suggestions-helpful-reference-threads/35160-hemming-tutorial-how-hem-originals-using-sewing-machine.html ). I understand this won't always work, like for extremely skinny cuts, but for me it's totally worth having some extra fabric around. My legs are really short for someone of my height (and I'm not especially tall anyway) so my jeans would lose way too much resale value if I committed to hemming them, especially for flats. Though occasionally the inner "cuffs" will get some wear from snagging on heels or being stepped on, I've gotten good at tacking them up to prevent this kind of damage, and my tall buyers definitely appreciate my keeping the jeans intact when my weight yo-yos once again and I find myself having to get rid of jeans...

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